Wilder vulnerable; Garcia an enigma and what’s next for GGG

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Making his first title defense, Deontay Wilder easily got past a game and gritty Eric Molina, stopping him in the ninth round of their scheduled 12-round affair last Saturday night in the first heavyweight title fight in Alabama history.

In front of a hometown crowd that filled the Bartow Arena on the UAB campus, in Birmingham, Wilder (34-0, 33ko’s) was able to finally put away the feisty Molina (23-3, 17ko’s), but not before there was some drama early on the fight.

The 33-year-old Molina, who said prior to the fight, Wilder would have an issue fighting backwards, caught the champ with a right hand that rocked him and hurt him in the fourth round. A native of Raymondville, Texas, Molina was also able to stay away from that lethal right hand early on as well and caught a huge break when he connected with that right hand.

Wilder looked like he was in serious trouble but Molina did not seem to realize he had hurt him and did not follow up in any meaningful way. He stopped his pursuit after he tested that shaky chin. The 29-year-old Wilder survived the damage and went on to continue dominating the contest, which saw him score four knockdowns.

So what is next for Wilder, how do we view Danny Garcia and who will GGG’s next opponent be?

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  1. Rich, dead on, Wilder can not hold a candle to Jushua, kid would tear through him. Great insight on Garcia as well.

  2. I do not mind that Wilder picked Molina, but if he fights a Tarver or Cunningham for another tune up then I am done with this due, he needs to step up now.

  3. You are so on when it comes to Danny Garcia, dude was a great ammy and then we thought he was next star, and it seems he is all flash and no heart anymore in the ring. And thanks for saying he lost to Herrera and Peterson bc he did. I don’t think Paulie will win, but hope he can make it tougher on Danny, so he will realize he needs to step up. 140 is not much different then 147

    1. You kidding me, how is Garcia not a star. Why? because he wants to move up to 147. Dude dominated 140 and now he wants to rule 147, come on dude give me something to work with. Your comment is off based, you hating on Swift

  4. Chico, no one is hating on Garcia, he just made some really good points and I agree 100percent if he loses this fight, first step up in weight, or has a poor showing then he is open to more criticism. Try to read and listen to what is being said before you go off.

  5. Thank you for pointing out what so many Philly boxing “bloggers” and their weak ass crap are afraid to say because they want to be buddy-buddy with these boxers. Garcia is a fraud. He has not looked good his last several fights, he might have tough chin, but he also only wants to fight flat footed boxers. The Salka bout was a joke and everyone knows it. If Garcia’s father stopped protecting his kid, and let him fight then maybe I respect him more. You are also spot on no way would he fight Postol, who is a nasty killa in the ring. good stuff!

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