Week 6 of New Jersey Golden Gloves moves to North Bergen

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) The New Jersey Golden Gloves will be back in action when week six fights take place Saturday at Global Boxing Gym in North Bergen, New Jersey. The tournament is heating up and after an exciting week five, the amateur boxing fans can expect more of the same over the weekend. First bout is slated for 7PM. The 141lbs. and 165lbs. novice and open divisions, respectively will be in full swing and many of the bouts look to be very competitive. Here is the complete rundown of the day’s action.

Jaime Cuatlacuatl           145lbs            Brian Stevens

Freehold Boxing             Novice Final     Jersey City Rec


Francisco Rodriguez         123lbs            George Patel

Gladiator                          S-Novice          Unattached


Eric Torres                     123lbs               Manuel Castillo

Checkmate                    S-Novice            Global Boxing


Luis Lopez                      123lbs              Willie Harris-Brown

Gino’s Gym                     S-Novice           Ike&Randy


Brandon Rivera              123lbs         winner of 3/21/15

Ringside Gym                 S-Novice


Anthony Johns              114lbs          Kenyon Sessoms

Aspira                              Open           Gladiator


Chakor Claiborne           132lbs           Edwin Rivera

Elizabeth Rec                 Novice           Jersey City Rec


Sergio Garcia                 132lbs           Carl McMillian

D.M.G.  Boxing                 Open             Elizabeth Rec


Juan Nunez                     132lbs             Joel Aviles

DMG Boxing                      Open              N.P.F.C


Denzel Stevens                132lbs       Herkin DeLa Rosa

Unattached                       Open              Ringside


Victor Padilla                   132lbs         Joel Flores

Victory Boxing                 Open           Jersey Boys BC


John Bauza                      141lbs        Jose Martinez

Ringside  BC                     Open           N.P.F.C.


Mathias Ramirez              141lbs          Angel Brito

Gladiator                           Open            D.M.G


Cory Beckett                    141lbs          Daniel Murray

Gladiator                           Open             M.P.A.L


Aadam Ali                         141lbs          Yordy Deleon

Bergen Pal                        Open           Garden state BC


Winner of 3/21/15           152lbs        winner of 3/21/15–



Tayvon Fish                 152lbs      Armini McPhall

Elizabeth Rec                     Open           Elite Heat



Barron Wilson                    165lbs            Edgar Flores

Jersey City HH                   Open             Victory Boxing


Julius Richardson             165lbs             Peter Roldan

Elizabeth Rec                     Open              Bergen P.A.L.


Corey Fields                      201+lbs           Nelson Roman

Elite Heat                          S-Novice         Global Boxing


Rafael Ramirez                  201+lbs          Derek Starling

Gladiator                           S-Novice         Gleason Jersey shore


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