Undefeated DC boxer Harrison arrested in SE Washington; father apologizes to fans

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison (Photo courtesy of Roc Nation Sports)

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – Undefeated welterweight boxer Dusty Hernandez-Harrison was arrested Wednesday night in Southeast D.C., on gun chargers according to ABC 7 in Washington. Per the police report, the arrest occurred in front of 2404 Elvans Road Southeast at around 9:30PM.

The 22-year-old Harrison was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition, possession of an unregistered fireman, and resisting arrest.

A fan favorite in D.C., Harrison (30-0-1, 16KO’s), who currently holds the USBA welterweight title, was due to face Said Ouali on March 25th at the University of the District of Columbia Physical Activities Center. That card is being put together by GQ Promotions.

Harrison is promoted by Roc Nation Sports and was arraigned Thursday.

He was being held overnight for a preliminary hearing set for Friday.

JMB reached out to Roc Nation Sports and have yet to hear from them, however JMB was able to reach out to Dusty’s father Buddy — his former trainer and manager.

“Dusty is still my hero,” Buddy Harrison said exclusively to JMB. “I know it looks as though he is done, but all this could actually turn out to be a blessing. He could very well turn this episode into a valuable lesson. Even, though, this did not happen under my watch and would never occurred if I was still his coach, I would still like to apologize to everyone.”

Harrison and his father split in 2016 and by all accounts the relationship between son and father — both personal and professional — are still going through a rough patch.

“I felt like my personal life was interfering with boxing,” he said at the time. “When you have your dad in your corner, it’s always family. At the end of the day I’m a fighter. It’s what I do. It’s my job. So I can’t let my personal life interfere with boxing.”

Harrison scored a win his last time out in the ring back in September.

His father believes people should not be so quick to write off his son.

“I am embarrassed and I am sorry to disappoint so many,” the elder Harrison said. “Let’s see what Dusty decides to do before we write him off. He is only 22 and has so much time to make a difference. I am praying for him now more than ever,” he added.

A highly decorated amateur, Harrison turned pro in 2011 and won the then vacant USA Delaware State title when he scored a TKO over Kelly Wright in 2013.

He would go to defeated Josh Torres for the vacant WBC Youth Silver welterweight title nine months later. His only blemish on his record was a highly contested and controversial and disputed draw against Mike Dallas in 2016.

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  1. This kid is a punk, this is not a shock, he is trying to be a hard guy and he gets pinched. Club boxer at best

    1. Ignorant comment…tell me how is someone trying to be hard if this is the environment his father raised him in, SE DC. Do your research before you post ignorant comments about people you really dont know. He made a mistake and he will suffer the consequences and learn from his mistakes. That’s life!

  2. Man, for his old man to come out and have to say something, tells you that he is hurting. That sucks for him, but his son should know better, just a stupid move on his part and he was going make some money with bigger fights.

  3. Honestly, this is not a shock at all. The guys down here in SE Washington, always added rough and tough and hard. Dusty was a wanna be gangster and he got caught, dude has talent do not get me wrong, but he is running with the run heads. He screwed over his own father, which is weak ass. I am not feeling sorry for this kid. He needs to get his shit together.

    1. Its not about feeling sorry for him, its about having empathy for a 22 year old raised in an environment where he felt he needed to have protection. He made a mistake, Dam you never made mistake…do your research on who he is as a person and where he was raised to understand his mindset. He father apologized because that’s what parents of integrity and character do on behalf of their child.

  4. Isn’t this the same kat always flashing money and shit on IG and twitter, I mean come on man, dude needs to grow up, he needs to get his ass whipped. Am I the only one who thought he got a gift against Dallas?

    1. What young person don’t take photos with money and enjoy life…stop being a hater. He is 22 years old. When I was a child I thought as a child, lived like a child but when I became a Man I learned from my mistakes and grew up. Everybody has trials and tribulations.

  5. Fuck all you haters dusty is a natural born leader never been a follower nor a punk only hating jealous Internet gangsters only write about people they would never run across in life. So check yourself you the bitch only replies to the haters

  6. Everyone who commented is a coward y’all clowns act like your perfect the kid made a mistake!! See what he does after this ONE mistake!!! Worry about ur own perfect little lives

  7. People are so quick to be judgemental and assume they know a persons life, who they are, and what they are dealing with. Things happen in life and unfortunately we make decisions and choices that delay are Greatness…keep in mind I said delay. Dusty is a young man growing into his manhood and there will be decisions in HIS life he will make that will not always be right but those are his shoes and he has to learn, grow, and right his wrongs. Don’t throw stones people , let he/she without throw the first stone…We are not perfect people, we All make mistakes. Keep your head up Dusty and let God guide you…Delayed but not denied!

  8. I can see how people would jump on this kid right away, I am in no way giving him a free pass. But interviewing him over the years and calling a bunch of his fights, and just speaking to him off camera, he is a good kid, who had a really bad lapse in judgement. Again, I am not giving him a free pass, but he is still a young man and has plenty of time to right the ship, and I believe he will.

    1. Great post. I know he will definately learn from this and use this as a way to help and mentor young people…this is his testimony and it will make him a better Man.

  9. Dusty is a good young man, that made the wrong decision. Im sure all of you have never made bad choices. Im sure all of you have never had your parents come to your defense or show empathy or make a plead on your behalf. Most people comment without thinking. They hastily throw in a off the cuff negative remark, because it makes them feel better about themselves. I wish him well.

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