Shelly Vincent blasts Heather Hardy “She is a bum and a fraud, she is afraid to fight me”

Shelly Vincent speaks her mind and no on can control her
Shelly Vincent speaks her mind and no on can control her. Just ask her yourself

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing)

Shelly Vincent is brash, loud, and in your face. However, she has the talent to back up her strong personality and she has made it known she wants to fight Heather Hardy in more ways then one.

The 35-year-old Vincent recently defeated Jackie Trivilino for the vacant UBF World female super bantamweight title last November, but it was not without some issues. Trivilino kept switching to southpaw throughout the bout, which clearly affected Vincent, who by her own admission got confused at times.

“She went southpaw and kept switching back and forth, so it bothered me a bit, but she is a hell of a fighter,” she said exclusively Saturday to Double Jab Radio on Journeymen Boxing. “I give her all the credit in the world, it was a great fight maybe we can have a rematch.”

Vincent (13-0, 1ko) is 2nd-ranked super bantamweight in the U.S., and she has been salivating over the thought of getting another undefeated boxer in the ring.

Hardy (12-0, 2ko’s) is currently ranked No.3 in the U.S., and had a very controversial bout against Trivilino last June. It was a very close fight that many ringside felt was falling in Trivilino’s favor. However, Hardy hung in there despite a damaged and bloody right eye, caused by headbutts from Trivilino, which were ruled accidental.

However, those action sent the bout to the scorecards before the eight and final round, as Hardy would up getting the close technical decision on the scorecards.

“Jackie won that bout hands down and beat the brakes off of her,” Vincent added.

To hear the full interview with Shelly and hear how she is helping young female boxers and giving back to the sport click below.







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