Second weekend of NJ Golden Gloves semis on tap, scene shifts to North Bergen

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) The second weekend of the New Jersey Golden Gloves semis will take place Saturday at the Global Boxing Gym in North Bergen, New Jersey. The winners will then move on to the finals, which are scheduled for April 25th at the Pershing Field Ice Rink in Jersey City, New Jersey. Here is the lineup for Saturday’s action which will start at 7PM sharp. JMB TV will have exclusive footage and post-fight interviews off all the action as well as a full recap.

Weigh-in’s are at 4:30PM.


Carl Sampson                  114lbs                    Jamal Bland

Victory BC                        Open Semi             Asbury Park Pal


Pedro Ramos                   123lbs                    Abel Lopez

Jersey City Rec              Novice Semi          L.B. Gleasons


Shakor Stevenson           123lbs                  Kevin Asmat

Elite Heat                          Open Semi          Global Boxing


Kenyone Greene            123lbs                   Angel Garcia

Face Off Boxing             Open Semi            Victory Boxing


Francisco Sastre           123lbs                     Luis Lopez

Brick PAL                         S-Novice-Semi      Gino’s gym


Antonio Miller                  132lbs                   Alexi Morrillo

Gleason Jersey              S-Novice Semi      Brunswick BC


Steven Pozo                   132lbs                   Jemmfri Espinal

Loyalty Boxing               S-Novice Semi     Unattached


Denzel Steven               132lbs                   Victor Patilla

Jersey City HH              Open Semi            Victory Boxing


Mario Montilla                141lbs                    Luis Burgos

Bayonne Pal                   S-Novice Semi      Unattached


Matt Angstadt                 141LBS                   Robert walshe

Nobull Boxing                  S-Novice Semi       Global Boxing


Alberto DelValle             141lbs                     Kyle Collins

Relentless Training        Novice Semi         Goss&Goss


Daniel Murray                 141lbs                    Aadam Ali

Middletown PAL            Open Semi             Bergen PAL


John Bauza                    141lbs                    Angel Brito

Ringside                        Open Semi             D.M.G .


Christian Vigier              152lbs                     Imani Crawley

L.B. Gleasons                 S-Novice Semi        Colosseum Boxing


Dayton Harris                152lbs                     Jaime DeJesus

Ike Williams                   Novice Semi           Ike&Randy


Anatoliy Alkhazow         152lbs                Dennis McGill

Bergen PAL             Novice-Semi            Chris Gattling


Tayvon Fish                   152lbs                     Mark Dowson

Elizabeth Rec               Open Semi              D-Boy Boxing


Brandon Silvestre         165lbs                      Kenby Saint Juste

New Bruns Boxing        S-Novice Semi         Adam&Eve


Angelo Troncoso          165lbs                      Russell Guarcello

Freehold Boxing          Novice Semi            Checkmate


Tajai Richardoson        165lbs                Daruma Almenares

Aspira Boxing              Novice Semi      Gladiator


Dominic Razzano           178lbs                     Winner of 3-4

Nobull Boxing                S-Novice Semi


Natham Grahan             178lbs                    Khalil Coe

Checkmate                    S-Novice Semi       Brick City Hitter

Shavere Staton             178lbs                    Vladimir Dalton

Face Off Boxing             Open Semi            Elizabeth Rec


Akheim Nurse                178lbs                    Lisandro Tupete

Gladiator                        Open Semi              Gladiator


Rob Walder                    201+lbs                  Jaleel Johnson

Team Gladiator            Novice Semi           Unattached


Juanito Joseph           201+lbs                Erikas Jankauskas

Loyalty Boxing            Novice Semi         Howell PAL


Daniel Mansfield         201+lbs              Ignacio Camacho

Dover Boxing              Open Semi          Face Off Boxing


William Panissidi        201+lbs             Donald Turner

Ike&Randy                 Open Semi     Ike Williams



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