Robinson tangles against Sosa, eyes Pacquiao down road


On “Q” Sports caught up with welterweight the “New” Ray Robinson, who is currently ranked 8th by the WBO and 10th by the WBC, to talk about his upcoming fight against George Sosa, his climb up the rankings, and his desire to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Rich: Ray good to catch up, how are things? How is training going?

Ray: “Same here, everything is good, I feel real good, just got done my last workout. I trained as you know for six weeks, like always. I feel ready man. I always make sure I do not get out of shape and I am ready to go.”

Rich: Your win over Aslanbek Kozaev earned you the then vacant WBO NABO welterweight title and it really positioned you nicely now in the rankings.

Ray: “Yeah, thank you. Now I am 8th and 10th in the world, 8th in the WBO and 10th in the WBC and I am ready for any fight when they tell me to fight.”

Rich: Let’s go back to your fight against Kozaev. I was really shocked he kept coming forward against you, smaller guy, was relentless, but just did not seem to have a plan.

Ray: “Actually, yeah, because he did not fight like he usually fights, he outboxes guys, especially ones that are taller than him. He tried to put pressure on me, and it shows that you have to be ready for anything. The first couple of rounds, I sat there with him, but broke him down, went to the body and I showed people I can switch up my style.”

Rich: I thought there were one or two times that he caught you, but he seemed gassed at the end of the fight and you look refreshed.

Ray: “He caught me off guard at times, once or twice, with the pressure. But, I felt my conditioning and my speed could be the difference and I could outlast him, even on the outside. I was winning on the inside and my corner did a great job and picked up on that, so did I. I stuck with my game plan and got the win.”

Rich: I have had the pleasure of seeing and calling a bunch of your fights and the one thing I have noticed over the last year or so, is that you have really worked on your footwork. As a southpaw that is something you really need to have. Am I off on that, or you agree?

Ray: “I agree, I am getting stronger, every fight I try to take something from it, I can knock a guy out or outwork him and I am at a point, where I want to learn anything about myself and the guys I am fighting. I always go back to the drawing board after a fight and my team and I figure out what I need to do to get better. I work on my legs, staying fresh, footwork, everything. I want to be the type of fighter that people can’t figure out. I do not want them to know what I am bringing to the table and they will not know, but I know no matter what I bring heart. I will do anything for a win.”

Rich: What do you know about your opponent George Sosa? He has fought some tough guys, but he has beaten guys with some real bad records. You buy into that at all?

Ray: “Right now, I call myself a seasoned fighter, when I first started boxing, the people that had ok records or so-so records, they were tough, they had nothing to lose, they were a man, I a man, they risk their life inside that ring. They can be 0-25 and they are still tough to me. They are my speed bumps to get through and over. I do not play that game because in boxing it only takes one punch to get you out of there. I take this serious, I do not slack off with anything, running or working out. In my head he is undefeated and the toughest opponent I have faced, in my mind he is undefeated and that is how I train. I know he will not lie down at all and he will give me a tough fight.”

Rich: You fought Shawn Porter. We just saw how he dominated and manhandled Paulie Malignaggi. I thought when you fought him, he was just bigger but honestly I thought you gave him some trouble. You go back and watch that fight you confused him at times.

Ray: “I was coming off my first loss (Brad Solomon) and moving up in weight, and I had a layoff. I fought Porter and off the layoff, I was like let’s go, I felt like I was game, I had a game plan. Look I am not in this for a check, I know it is a business but I want to have a legacy and win, I want them to mention me with the greats and when they talk boxing they bring me up. I want to be like that and have that page come out of the boxing book years from now.

Rich: Sometimes you can learn more from a loss then a win

Ray: “I am not making any excuses at all when I fought Porter. In my head, I felt I can beat him, I kept him off balance with my style, being tall, southpaw, and slick. He like you said was the bigger fighter, he was crashing down in weight and I was coming up. I do not make excuses but you are right I learned a lot, you have to stay ready. I had to go that path then and now this path now. I am blessed.”

Rich: How active would you like to be this year and you feel you are ready for that next step?

Ray: “I leave that up to my team and Champs Management. I am sure they know that I am moving up the rankings and it is working for us. When myself and Dave Tiberi and the rest of the team sit down we will talk more about what is next. I think they have been doing a fine job and they are giving me opportunities and I am running with them.”

Rich: You sound very patience and you are really making a name for yourself, good to see you are humble.

Ray: “I feel blessed to be mentioned with those guys in the rankings and to some it might be a shock, but not to me. I train hard, but I am not satisfied, I am very hungry, I think my style can give these guys a run for their money, I work hard and it pays off. I am not settled when it comes to rankings. If I am 8th or 10th ranked, I want more. When I get to No.1, I will not settle for that.

Rich: Who is on your radar?

Ray: “I want to fight Manny Pacquiao, I feel like my style can disrupt him, I think once that call rings, I will train hard. I will keep proving to people I belong in the ring with these guys, but I would love to fight Manny. My team can take me to the doorstep and then I will kick it open.”

Rich: Your buddy Amir Mansour is slated to do the fights ringside with me. Do I need to keep him in check? He gets crazy when you fight.

Ray: (Laughing) “He is my big brother I have known him for years, I guess you know it is tougher on someone watching someone they know fight then if they were fighting. But yeah, he was giving it to me the last time. It’s ok, he is my big brother.”

Rich Quinones is an award winning broadcaster and the lead blow-by-blow Boxing voice for and Go Fight Live’s Boxing on Comcast. He has sat ringside calling the action with Monte Barrett, Brian Adams, Amir Mansour, Danny Garcia, James Kirkland, Mark Breland, Ronnie Shields, Teddy Atlas and Lou DiBella, while broadcasting over 100 bouts for GFL in 2013-2014.

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