Results from Lake Erie Spring Show

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – Results from Tuesday’s Lake Erie Spring Amateur Boxing show are in and there was tons of action on the docket. In the pee-wee division there were three winners in three separate weight classes announced. (55 lbs Lamari Gilbert, 75 lbs Cardiare Davis, and 80 lbs- Kevin Huff) — were all winners

In the bantamweight division, 60 lbs-Marcellus Smith, 90 lbs Carlos Johnson, 95 lbs- Virgil Satterwhite, 101 lbs- Arshaun Carter, and 110 lbs- Darius Sitgraves were all victorious

The rest of the results are as followed.

Intermediate Division-70 lbs- Jamal Bowman

75 lbs- Daben Figueroa

85 lbs- Barrick Wilson

90 lbs-Sage Brown

110 lbs- Jackson Behun

114 lbs Female Daisy Shardy

125 lbs- Lonnie Jones

Junior Division  95 lbs Female- Kali Little-

106 lbs- Tyler Duncan-

110 lbs female- Honestee Summers

114 lbs female- Tomiko Wanton

125 lbs female- Kayla Savage

132 lbs female-Sabrina Prather

165 lbs Rasheen Ali

176+ lbs- An’Zion Ware


Pee-Wee 65lb Champ- Ny’ziah Martin Taylor

Bantam 75 lb Champ- Travell Fain

Bantam 80 lb Champ- Tyshawn Denson

Bantam 85 lb Champ- Marshawn Heard

Bantam 106 lb Champ- Quincy Harris

Intermediate 101 lb Champ- Marvell Billups

Intermediate 106 lb Champ- Rafael DeJesus

Intermediate 138 lb Champ- Dante Benjamin

Junior 110 lb Champ-Derrick King

Junior 119 lb Champ- Kiyhaun Hayes

Junior 125 lb Champ- Khalil Osaze

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