Philly’s “Baby Dame” one to watch in the ring


Damon “Baby Dame” Allen Jr. is a young upstart boxer from Philly and is set to take on Tony Walker Saturday night in Atlantic City in a slated four round lightweight bout on the Glen Tapia vs. Elco Garcia undercard.

He is currently 3-0 as a pro and his amazing amateur career saw him win numerous championships and honors throughout the years. He posted a staggering 151-11 mark and has won national competitions, the Ringside world championships, and medaled in the Junior Olympics. Most recently, he took home a Bronze Medal at the 2013 USA Championships.

On “Q” Sports caught up with him to talk about his upcoming fight, his boxing pedigree, and who his entourage consists of.

Rich: How are you feeling, how is training coming along?

Damon: “Training went well, I feel real good. We did a lot of sparring with some local guys and I worked a ton on conditioning. I feel good, ready to go.”

Rich: You were tested in some respect against Sammy Quinones. I found it interesting that two young boxers with such great amateur track records took a fight against each other this early on in their careers.

Damon: “Well, yeah, my mindset though going into that fight was just confidence. I was full of confidence. When you step into the ring and have self-doubt you start losing”

Rich: You feel as soon as you stepped into the ring, you already won the fight?

Damon: “Yes, I had him beat. I have been doing this since I was eight, I believe in my skills in the ring”

Rich: I said during the broadcast that you love to use your jab and I thought you would really be effective using it against Quinones, and if you used it all night long, it would frustrate him because he likes to be active and get inside.

Damon: “Yeah, I knew I could use the jab, I love using the jab, and it sets up everything else. I also knew I would be able to use my angles and the jab would be there.”

Rich: What did you see after the first round?

Damon: “Just keep using that jab and I would be fine. I take the same approach with everyone. I like to see what they have after a round, you don’t have to be a banger or brawler, I box smart, and I figure it out fast. Like I said, I have been doing this for a long time. I adjust and figure it out. I knew if I can use my angles and jab, I would be good.”

Rich: What did the fight against Quinones teach you, what did you want to improve on going forward?

Damon: “Improve on everything, since my first fight, I am always looking to get better and improve on everything, speed, power, cutting of the ring, angles.”

Rich: What do you know about Tony Walker?

Damon: “I really do not know much about him, I have seen a clip or two of him. I just want to use my power and ring movement.”

Rich: Let’s go back to you adjusting during a bout. Give us some insight on that. I am coming at you, fighting forward, and really using some pop with my jab, setting you up for a big right hand. Tell me quickly how do you adjust?

Damon: “I would just use my ring movement, keep my hands up against you, I will use the ring if you pressure me, if you run from me, I am going to cut off the ring.”

Rich: You have a great family background in boxing, from your great grandfather, Mitchell Allen and father, Damon Allen Sr, both are former fighters, down to you. How has that helped you in your career?

Damon: “Like I said, I have been in the gym since I was eight years old, I have boxed with a ton of guys, you have some fighters that come forward all the time and my great grandfather taught me to box smart. He would always take his finger and point to his head, not gloves. He told me to be smart in there. Our mindset was always to have a pro style, even in the amateurs, I was always taught to box with my mind, use your smarts, we fight with heart and mind.”

Rich: Having close to 200 amateur fights really has to help prior to turning pro.

Damon: “Definitely, it got me prepared mentally and physical. I am very comfortable in the ring. The only difference from the amateurs to the pros is the pace.”

Rich: How active do you want to be to close out the year?

Damon: “I want to be very active, I know I have this fight in front of me, and respect that, but after this fight, I want to spend more time in the gym, get more fights.”

Rich: More fights, more wins, bigger paydays and bigger venues.

Damon: “That is the plan. I want to be legendary, wealthy, I want to be a world champion. I am thinking of this fight, and I want to just stay active and be a top contender four to five years from now.”

Rich: Bigger venues, major networks.

Damon: “That is what we are shooting for, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, right now there are guys that have fought 20 or more times and have never been on TV, I have several times and I love being on Comcast and appreciate them showing me the love.”

Rich: Boxing is unique in so many ways. Lots of boxers have their “entourage” and for some of them, they are not the right people they need in their corner. I have seen it time and time again. If you have an entourage, who does it consists of?

Damon: (Soft chuckling, then without hesitation) “My family is my entourage, they support me to the fullest, that is my entourage.”

Rich: You just celebrated a birthday, happy belated birthday. How did you spend it?

Damon: Thank you, yeah I just turned 21, I went to Wildwood (NJ), and my family had a surprise party for me, it was great and I had a blast, so yeah it was really fun.

Rich: Man, you are getting old my friend.

Damon: (Laughing) “No, come on, it was a fun day”.

Rich: You hold your family in such high regard, and you are also real fortunate to have a guy Like Doc Nowicki in your corner and Dave Price.

Damon: “Doc is great, he is just a great guy, he makes me feel like home, both guys just are always there for me, they are all good, I have nothing but love for those guys, really, just really blessed.”

Rich: First thing to come to your mind when I say “A boxer from Philly”

Damon: “Badge of honor, to be a boxer from Philly, really a badge of honor. I love it, but I want to be bigger than Philly, I want to be Vegas and overseas, everywhere.”

Rich: “Who do or did you try to emulate yourself after in the ring?

Damon: “Well, I try, I am trying to be like Andre Ward, he is my favorite boxer, I try to learn as much as I can from watching him, he is my favorite.”

Rich: Best thing about boxing and getting in that ring?

Damon: “I just can’t explain it, it is like a high, a natural high, when I was young I used to get nervous in the ring, now I can’t wait to get into the ring, there is just a feeling of a natural high, man, I love boxing.”


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