North Jersey’s Asmat on controversial fourth round: “They gave him a hometown gift”

Asmat hoping to get loss changed to NC after bizarre clock issue (Photos by Darryl Cobb, Jr. -
Asmat hoping to get loss changed to NC after bizarre clock issue (Photos by Darryl Cobb, Jr. –

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – JMB has learned that North Jersey’s Kevin Asmat and his trainer Diego Rosario met with New Jersey Athletic Commison head Larry Hazzard on Monday to dispute a timing discrepency regarding the fourth and final round of Asmat’s bantamweight fight against Dallas Holden.

Asmat (0-1), who was making his pro debut, seemed to be coasting to his first win of his career against his debuting opponent.

However, all three judges inexplicably saw the bout in favor of Holden (1-0) by a score of 39-37.

JMB scored the fight 39-37 in favor of the North Bergen product Asmat.

“The guy (Holden) is pretty good, but he did not do enough to win the bout, slapping me on the back with punches and throwing his mouth piece a couple of times, and I felt I did the more professional, clean, power shots and I should have gotten the decision easily,” Asmat said Friday night exclusively on JMB Radio.

“It was my responsible to dictate the fight, and I was hurting him with body shots, and the mouth piece kept coming out, and I didn’t get the chance to finish him,” he added.

On Sunday, it was learned that the fourth round did not go the full three minutes.

“It the moment, I did not notice in the moment, but I knew the moment the bell rang that I won the fight, I knew I had the decision, they gave him a hometown gift, and we are trying to fight it, to get it ruled a NC, because of the two-minute round.”

“We met with Larry and they told us we needed an actual recording of the fight. Not one that I have,” a clearly frustrated and upset Asmat told JMB exclusively on Tuesday.

“Its not right, its not fair, they are messing with my career, I would even welcome a rematch if they made it a NC”.

Rounds three and four footage below.





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  1. I was at the fight, and how in the hell did they score it in favor of Holden is beyond me, that is the first problem I have. If the round went two minutes then its only fair they rule it a NC

  2. Kevin whipped that kid’s ass and then to have it so lop-sided in his favor is a shit show by the judges. Now, this comes out. Wow, feel bad for the kid!

  3. Asmat clearly won the fight, I was there too and if you saw how Holden’s corner reacted it was like they were shocked he won. Great job by JMB for putting this out there. I am sure if this is ruled a NC, Kevin will be very happy! Feel for Holden, but the whole scoring was a joke.

  4. Did anyone else see Holden spit out his mouth piece like ten times, he was tired, and out of breath, he should have been docked a point for doing it repeatedly and the ref never took a point away. The other crap was Holden basically ran the whole night. Kevin could have ended the fight early but gave up that first round.

  5. If I am Asmat, I take the NC and do not fight in AC again. That was a joke. I sat right behind Asmats family and friends and I felt awful that he lost, and felt even worse that the judges had it 39-37 for Holden. Are you freaking kidding me? Joke of judges down there. Let the kid fight in his own backyard so he doesn’t get screwed anymore.

  6. Asmat is a shit boxer, he should have taken this kid apart early, Taller and stronger and he just let him get in and out. This kid will be lucky if he gets 10 wins in his pro career. He is a sloppy boxer. I actually scored it in favor of Holden.

  7. Tbh I have no idea how this kid Dallas won. From the beginning of the fight it seemed like the ref was in favored of him. He dropped his mouth piece and ran to the ref to tell him that his mouth piece fell. Hmm why? Because he was tired. Usually he needs to wait till the ref sees it so he can stop the fight until he puts it back. He keeps hugging Asmat. Dude why? He was tired .. He looked so tired, and he is such a sloppy fighter. He fights like he is in the streets. It was a really bad call! I don’t have nothing against Dallas, but if I was him I can be ” proud ” and saying that I won when in my heart I know I didn’t.

  8. Asmat had the kid clearly hurt several times just did not finish him off , had Asmat easy winning the fight.

  9. At the worst it was a draw, and that’s still giving Holden a gift. Asmat is far from a shit boxer, both fighters were game and styles make fights. Also both fighters have balls to fight each other because most athletes are looking for ten tomato cans in a row, respect to both of them. I say rematch, winner takes all.

  10. i disagree with AC Charlie , i was at the fight. Asmat is a great fighter ive seen the kid through his whole amatur career the kid is a monster. it just sucks to see a a win in favor of someone who doesnt deserve it RULE IT AN NC . Asmat deserved that win .

  11. Everybody knows Asmat won that fight. The judges clearly gave Holden the home advantage. 39-37 ? What a joke !! And they finished the round 1 minute earlier ?? That’s ridiculous. They should set a rematch and take Asmats loss away because he clearly didn’t lose. You shouldn’t mess with the kids career, he worked very hard to get where he is now. Giving him a loss when he clearly won is more than disrespectful. I was there and when I heard Holden’s name I was more than shocked. How much did he pay the judges ?

    1. Agree 100% and I will say this, I give credit to Rich Quinones, who runs this site. He scored it I believe 39-37, I saw him at the fights and he was in shock that Kevin lost. He said Dallas is a great kid, but what’s fair is fair and Kevin won the fight. I know Rich works a ton with this kids at the AC Pal, so refreshing he was objective. I appreciate him reporting this, but the sport is dirty enough. #respect to JMB. Way to be on top of this Rich..

  12. @ AC Charlene Hamlet;
    Asmat whooped Kevin Hart’ and would whoop on your wak ass with your wak ass preDick-tions
    You actually should have kept shhhhh,,, quiet!! Your word is as good as the judges Unprofessional & Bias.. & Wak

  13. I just saw the fight, and it could have gone either way, this kid Asmat sounds like a whiny girl. They screwed up, get over it and move on and try to get a rematch. Win that, then silence people. But acting like he has been in the fight game for 20 years and he is owned something is a joke.

    1. Mario, are u kidding me. Serious, you jerkoff, it is his pro debut and they robbed the kid blind. Look at Holden’s reaction and his corner, they knew they got a gift. Stupid prick, makes sense or get off the board!

    2. South Jersey Mario , they screwed up get over it ? , sounds like a hater lol,
      this is someone’s career Mario , what a weirdo , anyway Asmat didn’t even get hit with a solid shot ” “it was a home cooking ” this happens when it just bad match making by team Asmat …

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