NJ’s Young earns controversial win; Davila scores impressive TKO


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Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – New Jersey’s Anthony “Juice” Young scored a controversial win over James Robinson, Friday night, at Bally’s Atlantic City on the undercard of the Adam Lopez-Daniel Roman WBA super bantamweight title elimination bout, while bantamweight Leroy Davila scored an impressive third round TKO against Anthony Taylor.

Young (15-2, 6KO’s) was cruising the whole night before he got to relaxed and comfortable in the sixth and final round. He paid for the mistake as he got dropped by a very gritty and upset-minded Robinson (4-6-4, 1KO) thanks to a gorgeous overhand right to the jaw just as the bell sounded to end the six-round affair. However, the native of Pleasantville, managed to get up to his feet, before referee Benji Esteves completed his count, en route to the unanimous decision.

Judges Debra Barnes and Eugene Grant both gave Young a 58-55 advantage on the scorecards, while Judge George Hill scored it 57-55.

 “He (Young) got hit just before the bell and that’s when I started counting,” Esteves said afterwards to the AC Press. “I was at three when the bell sounded, but the bell cannot save a fighter. He still had to get up before I got to 10 and (Young) got up at eight.”
 “Benji handled it exactly right,” added New Jersey Control Board commissioner Larry Hazzard, who was once one of boxing’s best referees. “He started counting as soon as (Young) went down and (Young) beat the 10-count.”

As for Davila (5-0, 3KO’s), he came out firing early on, scoring with jabs and a solid left hand against the game Taylor.

However, in the third round, the New Brunswick native landed some harder shots and kept tagging Taylor before the contest was halted in third third. Taylor fell to 4-1, while Davila has reeled off five straight wins to start his career after a he had a very long and distinguished amateur career.

In other action, Philadelphia heavyweight Darmani Rock (7-0, 5 KOs) scored another impressive with, courtesy of a fifth-round knockout over Solomon Maye (3-8-2, 3 KOs), of New Haven, Connecticut.

In the opening bout, Washington, D.C. bantamweight Malik Jackson (2-0, 2 KOs) notched a first-round TKO over Christian Foster (0-3), of Alexandria, Virginia.

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    1. If somebody wins 5 rounds to 1 round even with the 10-8 round mind u that the PA kid got a point taken for holding in the earlier rounds u clearly can’t count if he beat the 10 count in the last round that’s easily a UD win

    2. If somebody wins 5 rounds to 1 round even with the 10-8 mind u that the PA kid got a point taken for holding in the earlier rounds and lost every round prior to the 6th how can u deem it a robbery don’t be ingonorant to the sport just cause you have a mouth I get it u might be from pa or know the guy be he clearly lost if he got up before the 10 count in the last round it’s no way young can lose

      1. Lamar, did you hang around for the Lopez fight, just curious to get your take on it. I thought he showed heart and guts but was clearly over matched. Thoughts?

  1. Young really got sloppy late, he is nothing more than a club level boxer if that. He got lucky, because that kid Robinson dropped his ass.

  2. I am not at all impressed with some of these AC boxers, they are all average at best. I have seen Young fight before, the guy has moments where he rather show shin than box and I guess last night he got caught. From what I heard, he there is no way you can score it a UD if he got dropped in the last round. Score it the right way, 10-8.

    1. Young won every round but the last seconds of the 6th you clearly can’t count if you think he lost a decision he beat the 10 count and made it to his feet n corner there for it’s a unanimous decision win for young most people don’t know anything about boxing just cuz you have a mouth don’t be ignorant

  3. How about my man Leroy, just going about his biz, Kid showed some quick hands and speed last night. My man doing his thing.

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