Mansour handles Price; eyes 2014 as his year.


Amir Mansour made sure the rest of the Boxing world knows who he is after his dominating performance over Kelvin Price Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J. in a slated 10-round heavyweight affair. 

Mansour finally got to enjoy a breakout performance on his first live televised bout as the main event at Resorts International Hotel & Casino, when Price didn’t answer the bell for the eighth round. 

After a quiet first round, the 41-year-old Mansour, was able to get things going after the second round against the much taller Price.

After Price tried to tie Mansour up and slow him down in the third, the hard-hitting Mansour started to tag Price with heavy shots to the head.

Price was stunned late in the round, but showed heart and guts and made it out of the stanza.

The action heated up in the fourth round when both boxers exchanged shots, but Mansour started to pepper the taller Price with hard body shots that started to slow him down.

Mansour saw an opening and was able to crack Price with a solid right hand, and then he followed it up with a vicious left that rocked Price to the ropes. 

Price nearly went down again from Mansour’s flush shots, but was able to survive the round.

A 6’7” former basketball player, Price tried to use his jab to prevent Mansour from getting inside. 

“He is so tall, but my style makes it rough and tough for these guys,” Mansour said afterwards. 

In the fifth round, Mansour continued to impose his will on Price, who at times attempted to frustrate Mansour by trying to force clinches and hold the back of his opponents’ head. 

That tactic only angered Mansour, who at times let referee Earl Brown, know he was being held and he was not going to tolerate that behavior.

Price made round five interesting, when he landed some clean shots, but he was careless when he dropped his guard down and walked right into a monster left that sent him crashing to the canvas.

Price caught a second break as he got up and lasted the final seconds of the frame but it was evident he was dazed and hurt, as he wobbled over to his corner. 

“When I felt my knuckle land solid…If I hit anyone, and it’s a solid connect, I automatically know that they are hurt,” Mansour said. 

The hard-hitting action continued in round six when Mansour used a right hook that connected on the head of Price, who absorbed the blow and landed a nice shot of his own — a solid right. 

Mansour, though, continued to charge forward, landing a huge right that sent Price to the deck for a second time in the round.

“I just wanted it more, I have said this over and over, I just want it more than these guys,” Mansour added. 

A dazed Price barely made it out of the round before his corner had seen enough. Official time of the stoppage was 3:00 of round seven.

The win improved Mansour’s record to 20-0 with 15 KO’s and he closes out the year in style.

“A lot of guys have been ducking me, and even some promoters have been ducking me. You can’t anymore,” Mansour added. 

A game, but over matched Price fell to 14-2. 

“I gave effort, and that is all I can do,” Price said afterwards as I spoke to him in the hallway. “I am fine, not hurt at all.”

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