Lundy hammering away at those ducking him; wants Garcia/Matthysse winner


As “Hammerin” Hank Lundy preps for his October 19th bout against Jeremy Bryan in Atlantic City, NJ. he has some sound advice for those trying to duck him. Don’t even think about.

Lundy predicts an easy win for Floyd Mayweather against Canelo Alvarez and demands the winner of the Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse fight him.

Rich: How are things going, I know you are enjoying Las Vegas, but you working hard, you set to go for your next fight?

Hank: “Of course, you know, I am working very hard, I am ready to go come October 19th in Atlantic City against Jeremy Bryan, guy is 16-3 and I am ready for him.”

Rich: Any scouting report on Bryan?

Hank: “I looked at him several times, saw some things, but with me it is all about adjusting in the ring. I am willing to do whatever I have to do to win and outwork him. I know how to adjust during a fight, he does not. You will see the complete me in the ring, when I am focused and I do my job you will see the complete “Hammerin” Hank Lundy this time. I am focused now and I do not have to worry about any of the bull crap.”

Rich: You mean like issues with managers and such in the past

Hank: “Yeah, I have good people behind me, and before I just had to deal with some things with my management team and here and there and it was crap. I did not have time for that, I needed to be focused. I have no worries now, people doubted me but everyone saw me on ESPN, put me on any stage and I am going to shine.”

Rich: Elaborate on the manger situation for me.

Hank: “You know, just in and out of court in the past, dealing with crap, and it just didn’t work out and now I feel like I have a fresh start. I am a reborn fighter with no crap on my mind, except boxing and winning.”

Rich: You feel you are a dangerous man right now in the ring? You are positioning yourself nicely in the rankings.

Hank: (Laughing) “Come one, currently at 140, I am No.5, these guys can’t get the best of me, and they do not have my speed and power, and ring generalship. I am a mastermind in the ring. I look at who a guy fights and then I see if he is hyped up, if he is hyped up and he has not fought anyone, then I know I am a better fighter. If you are hyped up and you do not fight the best, then you are not ready for me.”

Rich: You are in Vegas for what could be a historic night of boxing, you training, supporting or just there to watch?

Hank: “Man, I am always training and I am also supporting. The training never stops, I am working hard and I was at Floyd’s gym, working hard, watching and learning from him. It is all work, all the time.”

Rich: Garcia vs. Matthysse, you still staying with your Philly roots?

Hank: “Frist and foremost, I have to go with the Philly guy, at the end of the day, I want the winner. Look at Ajose fight, I dominated that dude, he looked like an amateur against me. So I want the winner like I said. I am next in line; I will cut in front of people. That is my fight. I want the guy that everyone is scared of, I want the so-called machine. What happened when John Connor met the machine? (Lundy stops to laugh). I want the machine (Matthysse) but if it is Danny, I will fight him, I will fight them both.”

Rich: You are fired up right now, ready to go and fight. So you will take the winner, does not matter who it is?

Hank: “I want the winner, I have to make sure we get the winner, every time they run and dock, they do not want to fight me these guys. They go run around the corner, but guess what, you can’t run no more, I am right there waiting for you. I am a Philly fighter that is what I do, we do not run, we chase. At the end of the day it is a business, and we (Danny and I) knew coming up as amateurs we would fight each other one day, I want that respect and I am ready to go and make some noise. I want my shot.”

Rich: You do not run?

Hank: “What, man I do not duck from anyone”

Rich: Breakdown Mayweather and Alvarez for me.

Hank: “Easy fight, it is going to be and easy fight, lot of speed in the ring, you know the boxing game, they have to be a mastermind in the ring, and Floyd can adjust to any situation. I learned from Floyd and see from him how to handle adversity that is what makes him great.” 

Rich: How does it end?

Hank: “I think it ends with a bunch of damage and cuts to Alvarez face, he gets hit, if he is stationary, he will get chopped down. What do you think?”

Rich: I think if Canelo does not take the early rounds, it could be a long night for him.

Hank: “Yeap, exactly, look if he gets behind, that is it, he will be in trouble and Floyd will work his magic like he always does. Look, Canelo has built up a nice career, but if you look at my career, I have been matched up with the best since day one, and again follow me; I do not get caught up with all the hype of Canelo. He has fought some tough guys but man look at the majority of them.”

Rich: You must love the fact that Philly Boxing is making some serious noise of late?

Hank: “Of course, Philly Boxing is back big-time, you have world class gyms and fighters, and I take nothing away from my Philly guys. You can get a kid in there and he can give some of the young guys a test. That is how good Philly Boxing has become. Damon Allen is my little cousin and he is doing real well. He worked with me on a couple of fights and the kid is doing well. I sparred with Hasan Young, another one, he is doing really well.

I look forward to great things for these guys. I might even help pass the baton off to them, I am not going to hand it off, hell, I might even open up the door a crack for them and let them go through it.”

Rich: They are leaning on the fly, baptism by fire.

Hank: “When they are in there with me, they pick up things and take it to the next level, that is why Philly Boxing is on the rise. Me, Danny and Mike Jones, we got the new young guns ready for action. As for me I am ready to make some noise. I am ready to fight anyone, anywhere and anytime. Like I said at end of the day this is a business and right now the complete Hammering Hank Lundy is all business baby.”


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