Lock continues comeback, looks to capture vacant NABA Featherweight Title


On “Q” Sports spoke with Cornelius Lock Tuesday as he is looking to continue his comeback with a win on Friday night at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware.

A win against William Gonzalez would earn Lock the vacant NABA Featherweight Title and perhaps position him in the Top 20 in the world when the new rankings come out.

Rich: How is training and how do you feel come Friday?

Cornelius: “Training has been great, I feel pretty good, winding down, heading to gym now for a little shake up, I am going work on a couple of things and I am ready to go.”

Rich: Any issue at all making weight?

Cornelius: “None at all, I have no problem making weight. I should come in at 125 or so.”

Rich: What is you walk around weight, 135 or so?

Cornelius: “Yeah, I usually walk around at 135, 136, rarely over that.”

Rich: You mentioned that you wanted to get a little shake up in the gym before Friday’s fight. Anything that really needs a last minute fix?

Cornelius: “No, just like to stay sharp, I do not know too much about this guy (William Gonzalez). We looked at some of his fights.”

Rich: Gonzalez has KO power and seems to be an active fighter. Would you agree with that?

Cornelius: “No doubt, listen anytime a guy has 22 Ko’s in 26 wins, you never can take that lightly, you have to be aware. He is always aggressive and comes to fight every time out, he does not come to lose and he is pretty strong. I feel stronger, he has fought at 118-122 or lower, and I have been a featherweight and heavier.”

Rich: Do you feel this is the second half or arc of your career, especially since by your own admission this is a comeback for you?

Cornelius: “Yeah, second arc of my career. Back then when I had most of my career and fights in Vegas things were different. I just feel this time I have to work my way back up, it is important to me to make a second run of this and work my way back up. Just hard work is what I am all about, this is my third or fourth fight since my comeback.”

Rich: Why the inactivity? After the loss to Mikey Garcia you had a long layoff.

Cornelius: “Well honestly a lot had to do with promotional and managerial problems and inconsistency of getting fights. I would fight once and then not get another fight for nine or 10 months or so, it was very frustrating and a huge setback in my career.”

Rich: Is it a blessing in disguise now for you?

Cornelius: “I think it is great for me, there is not a lot of hype, I am slowly and surely working my way back up, not doing it myself, but with the help of Brian Cohen. Working our way up, step by step. Consistency is the key word, which is really helping me get back in the groove of things.”

Rich: Second fight for you in Delaware, might be your new home for some more.

Cornelius: “Yes, it is my second fight, great fight city, fans are great and they support all the fighters, Dover Downs is a nice venue for fights.”

Rich: You last fight, honestly I could not gauge where you were at, because you just overwhelmed Rogers Mtagwa inside of four rounds. What did you take away from that fight?

Cornelius “In that fight, I think my hand speed was the difference and he got frustrated and he was smaller than me, I was able to get out of his way from his right, and wear him down. I have been working with my coach, who wants to see me go to the body more, and polish things up defensively. I have been working on using my jab more, something I didn’t use a lot of in my last fight at times.”

Rich: You fought Mike Oliver and that was a draw. I was little surprised by that, did Oliver do anything special that night against you?

Cornelius: “I just didn’t have a great night, he is a good fighter, he has been around, great hand speed, he gave me trouble, and was not a good night for me, but it was a good fight, the guy has fought some top ranked opponents and world class fighters.”

Rich: Oliver is fighting Logan McGuinness for the NABA Super Featherweight title in June.

Cornelius: “Really, well I would love a rematch against him.”

Rich: I know you watched the Mayweather fight over the weekend. Give me your thoughts?

Cornelius: “Of course I watched it, it was a close fight, Mayweather said he wanted to make it an interesting fight for the fans, but the truth is, he never saw that type of pressure before. And I think the pressure from Maidana gave him some problems, he was throwing shots a fighter would normally not throw. I thought it would be entertaining and tough at the same time. In the end, he threw the more convincing shots against Maidana.

Rich: I was a bit shocked by Amir Khan’s performance, maybe I focused more on what Collazo did against Ortiz. What did you think?

Cornelius: “I think Amir Khan is a difficult opponent to face, he really frustrated Collazo, not being an inside fighter, he would have to work hard to get inside, but Khan was solid on the outside. Amir used speed and combos, and Collazo was only trying to get inside.”

Rich: What would it mean to win a title Friday and give you the type of momentum you have needed over the last several years, perhaps bigger venues and paydays and another title shot.

Cornelius: “It means a lot to me, it would be that I did it with my team, team Empire and Brian Cohen, without no big name promotion and big promotional team.”

Rich: I know you are on your way to the gym, thanks for the time and look forward to calling the action Friday.

Cornelius: “Anytime brother, see your Friday.”

Rich Quinones is an award winning broadcaster and the lead blow-by-blow Boxing voice for GFL.tv and Go Fight Live’s Boxing on Comcast. He has sat ringside calling the action with Monte Barrett, Brian Adams, Amir Mansour, Danny Garcia, James Kirkland, Mark Breland, Ronnie Shields, Teddy Atlas and Lou DiBella, while broadcasting over 100 bouts for GFL in 2013-2014.

You can follow Rich on twitter @ https://twitter.com/RichQonQ and Tumblr.com @ http://onqsports.tumblr.com as well as LinkedIn.

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