Lawrence turns back Farrel-Brown; wins New Jersey Golden Gloves 75lb. Novice Title

Zyeim Lawrence (Elizabeth Rec, R) used his reach and jab to defeat a tough Dante Farrel-Brown (Middletown PAL) in the 75lb. Novice final
Zyeim Lawrence (Elizabeth Rec, R) used his reach and jab to defeat a tough Dante Farrel-Brown (Middletown PAL) in the 75lb. Novice final (Photos by Shohreh Schaghaghi)

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Zyeim Lawrence fought showed flashes of what we should expect from him down the road, as he defeated a gritty Dante Farrel-Brown to capture the New Jersey Golden Gloves 75lb. championship Saturday night at Corydon Hall in Middletown, New Jersey.

Lawrence (Elizabeth Rec) showed superior hand speed from the start as he immediately went to the left jab, backing up Farrel-Brown (Middletown PAL) as both young men battled for the top spot in the nine-ten years-old novice class.

Midway through the first round, Lawrence doubled up on a left jab and then followed through with a gorgeous straight right that pushed by Farrel-Brown, who showed he had a tough chin.

Late in the opening round, Farrel-Brown slipped in a couple of jabs to the body, but the counter punching ability by Lawrence still gave him the round.

Lawrence was also able to use his slight height advantage in this one, never allowing the gritty Farrel-Brown to successful get inside.

In the second round, Lawrence wasted little time going on the attack again, as he peppered Farrel-Brown with several left jabs once more. He would mix in some rights for good measure, never allowing Farrel-Brown to counter or get comfortable for most of the night.

However, after a nice exchange in the center of the ring, Farrel-Brown connected with his best punch of the night when he landed a gorgeous counter left hook that scored against Lawrence, who got caught walking in and missing a jab.

Farrel-Brown came out quickly in the final round. Understanding he was down on the scorecard he went looking for the knockout. The young man came out swinging and backed up Lawrence a couple of times with some wild hooks, grazing his head gear a couple of times.

But it was to little to late, as Lawrence danced around the rest of the way, always creating space with his reach and jab en route to the win against a very tough and gutsy Farrel-Brown, who showed a ton of heart during the fight.




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