LaManna eyeing up date with Hernandez-Harrison “This is a fight I am hoping gets done very soon”

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna might be set to take on Engleberto Venezuela in a six-round welterweight co-feature Friday night at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, but that does not mean the 24-year-old from Millville is not looking ahead to bigger things come the fall.

LaManna (20-1, 8KO’s) will meet Valenzuela over six-rounds as a co-feature on the undercard of the Anthony “Juice” Young/Eduardo Flores main event on a card that is being promoted by LaManna’s Rising Promotions.

“He is Mexican, and tough and you know he is going to come forward, and we will see what happens. It is only a six-round fight, to keep me busy, and hoping get set for something in September,” LaManna said exclusively to JMB.

LaManna has dropped down in weight since suffering his only loss of his career when he was dominated by world-ranked Antoine Douglas in 2015. However, LaManna rebounded from that loss and has won four straight, which includes a nice six-round unanimous decision win over Ayi Bruce back last September.

He easily stopped Kendal Mena in his last fight.

The are rumors that with a win, LaManna will set his sights on DC’s Dusty Hernandez-Harrison (29-0-1, 16ko’s) possibly in September for the USBA welterweight title.

Those rumors have been picking up steam over the last several weeks and LaManna did not totally shoot down the notion he might face Harrison and according to JMB sources the fight would only go off if LaManna and his promotional company were able to put together the card in September along with securing a venue.

“That is a fight I am hoping is done very soon, I can not really get into who I am fighting,” LaManna said. “But I have to get past Valenzuela first.”

A logical location would be the Claridge Hotel, which will be hosting its fourth show Friday night that Rising Promotions has put together.

For entire interview with LaManna see below.

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  1. Dusty is a freaking joke, my boy Thomas will tear him a new one inside of 6 rounds. That kid in DC all hype and that’s it. I hope this shit goes down.

  2. Everyone wants to know when Dusty will face a stiff test but serious is LaManna a stiff test? I don’t think so, yeah he has heart but he has zero power that is why he had to drop down to welterweight, kid cant hurt a fly. At least Dusty has some power behind his shots.

  3. Serious, does LaManna really think he can beat Dusty. Douglas ripped through this kid and exposed him for who he is. A lousy club fighter at best, that is why his old promoter dropped him after he lose. What a joke of a fight this would be, if I am Dusty I say no to this fight. Waste of time.

    1. First off jerkoff, Thomas left his promoter and he started his own company. So get the facts straight and please tell me who Dusty has fought, A scrub on ESPN two years ago laid him out and he was a no one. Dusty is a hype machine, they moved this kid so fast and he has nothing to show for except that he has to respond to those that think he has beaten no one. And he hasn’t. Oh shit he beat Rainone, who has as much power as Thomas.

  4. Dusty should have stayed with his father, he is learning no defense right now. All he does is go on the offense. He flat out lost to Mike Dallas Jr. and everyone in the DMV knows that shit is true. He is a one dimensional and if that fight was not in his backyard he catches an L. I hope LaManna drops this guy so the hype ends.

  5. I agree, that Dallas fight was horrible, if that is anywhere else Dusty takes a loss. I can see why LaManna wants the fight maybe to get him back on a Showbox card, but if you are Dusty and you lose then you will get blasted but if he wins, then we will say “Who has he fought” Kind of a win-win. Even tough Rich in the story points out it most likely would be for a region or USBA belt. So that helps a little.

  6. If Dusty had good people around him, he would have taken tougher fights. I agree with one of the other posters on here, that since he left his dad, his style has changed. He was pretty sharp and technical sound before, now it is more sloppy. Go back and watch the Dallas Jr. fight, he typically is a smart boxer, but he got caught and got careless in that bout and the missed low blows were another story. I think LaManna would beat this kid, especially if the fight is in AC. You know if its close it will go in Thomas favor.

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