Journeymen Boxing to launch JMB Radio in NJ & Philly market

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JMB Staff (Journeymen Boxing) – Journeymen Boxing is proud to announce its newest partnership with Forysthe Broadcasting and 1360 WNJC, Philadelphia’s affiliate with Yahoo Sports.

Starting Friday July 29th, from 7PM-9PM eastern time, Rich Quiñones  will host “Journeymen Boxing”, an in-depth look into the world of boxing with some of the biggest and brightest names in the sport. The show is in initial talks with several TV outlets with the hopes of having the broadcast available as part of a network simulcast deal.

The show will be streamed online at as well and re-aired on JMB Network YouTube channel.

“I am very excited about this new venture,” CEO and host Rich Quiñones said. “I broke into radio almost 18 years ago and I did it at 1360 WNJC. John Forysthe gave me a break then because I had a love for sports talk and radio, and we have come full circle. He is a huge boxing fan and has given me the reigns to be creative and do what I do best. I am very humbled and honored by this and look forward to making more of a dent in the world of boxing and broadcasting and doing it the right way.”

“John and I have talked about using Friday night as a strong lead into the fights, and although it takes away from me covering some local cards because of timing issues, it opens up some other opportunities that we have discussed.”

Quiñones added the show will definitely be different then other boxing shows and it will definitely be unique.

“I really want to dig deep into the sport as a whole, but not lose focus on the young fighters, who are also the future of the sport. Having opinions and being passionate is what it is all about, but really getting the fighters and those within the fight game to open up is what really excites me, I love the sport of boxing and hope that comes through during each broadcast,” he added.

Follow Rich on twitter for updates and guest lineup going forward @richqonq




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  1. Well done Rich, best of luck brother, you have paid your dues and thensome. I remember you broadcasting at Cape Henelopen HS back in the day with Dave Tiberi in Delaware. Good luck!

  2. Bout time Q, can’t wait for the show. I know you are going to give some love to the DMV, you know this brother! Don’t forget about us down here baby. Congrats much respect

  3. Nice! You have come a long way man, keep grinding it out, even though I still scream tv when you call some fights and I disagree with you, you still are doing your thing man. Keep it rolling and the boys in the Northeast say what’s up. Swing back some time!

  4. Congrats! You are a little to opinionated for me when you call fights, but I will say this, you are fair and objective. Rare to find these days! Don’t forget VA boxing alive and well my man!

  5. Dam brother, go get them Rich, I remember back in the day you would rock the big tape recorder and walk around the fights and try to get sound. lolol you know exactly what I am talking about. Come along way kid, keep it up man, I am going to be tuning in, but stop crushing my man Danny Garcia all the time..

  6. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, congrats brother. Yo, I was there the night you went off on air after Hunter got that DQ, you were going crazy bro, I knew you were a wild dog then. I love the passion when you do fights, hope the big boys start ton take notice of you. Oh Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYY GODNESS! Holy shit, long way from 1290 The Ticket in Delaware and having BHop hang up on your ass. lmaoooo no, brother congrats man, keep being you. Let them cats hate, just be you!

  8. Rich, nice job! Wish you well man. Appreciate the love you give the young kids in AC and the ammy boxers. Don’t always agree with your boxing takes and such, but mad respect for you. You pushed through this and that is something.

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