Boxing loses an underrated champ; Morrison passes away

When you think of some of the all-time great heavyweight champs in boxing, many people name the usually suspects. Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Liston, Ali, Frazier, Forman, Tyson, the list goes on and on. But, when you talk about some of the most underrated heavyweight champs the list gets smaller and people often overlook Tommy Morrison. Morrison passed away at the young age of 44. According to Morrison’s longtime promoter, Tony…

September 2, 2013

Mansour wants everyone to know he is the baddest U.S. Heavyweight alive, and you better give him a shot at Title

“On Q Sports” recently spoke exclusively with WBF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Amir “Hardcore” Mansour on his upcoming bout against Maurice Harris, his career, and why he put everyone else in the heavyweight division in the U.S. on notice and then some. Mansour is known for his freakish punching power, but when he spoke to us all he wanted to talk about was why everyone is afraid to fight him, and…

August 21, 2013

The New Ray Robinson is making noise

When you think Boxing and the name Ray Robinson comes up, you think of Sugar Ray Robinson one of the greatest of all-time. A middleweight champ who packed a punch and had wonderful footwork. Well, there is a new Robinson coming up and his name is the “New Ray” Robinson. A young and fiesty figther who fights out of Philadelphia. The “New Ray” Robinson won the interim NABA welterweight title…

February 18, 2013