Garcia shines in TKO win against Oblenis; moves on in New Jersey Golden Gloves Tournament

Angel Garcia (Victory Boxing, L) dominates Lonterry Oblenis (Jersey City HH, R) (Photos by Shohreh Schaghaghi)
Angel Garcia (Victory Boxing, L) dominates Lonterry Oblenis (Jersey City HH, R) (Photos by Shohreh Schaghaghi)

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Angel Garcia showed he will be a force going forward in the 123lb open class of the New Jersey Golden Gloves after simply dismantling Lonterry Oblenis en route to a second-round TKO win Saturday night at Croydon Hall in Middletown, New Jersey and earning himself the Journeymen Boxing’s “Fighter of the Night”.

Garcia’s (Victory Boxing) vicious second round standing-eight also garnered him the Casanova Boxing Gloves “Punch of the Night” award.

Garcia started the bout off with seven straight left jabs to set the tone against the southpaw Oblenis (Jersey City HH), who was able to keep composure and counter nicely with a left of his own that momentarily pushed back Garcia.

That was the lone offensive bright spot for Oblenis.

However, midway through the round, Garcia was able to slip in and out and go to the body brilliantly. He also managed to deliver some nice hooks in the process, scoring with each blow and winning the round easily.

Garcia had Chino Rivas working his corner and Rivas implored his young fighter to continue to work the body at the start of the second round. It did appear that Oblenis might have punched himself out of the first round, as he seemed winded when he went back to his corner.

Garcia wasted little time getting to Oblenis at the start of the round. After Garcia avoided some wild punches by Oblenis, he pressed the action back to the center of the ring. Oblenis was lucky he did not get a point deducted after he swung his right back hand around and missed a ducking Garcia.

After Oblenis missed with a short jab, Garcia came up and caught him flushed with a gorgeous counter right hook that scored the contest’s first standing-eight and earned the Casanova “Punch of the Night” as the blow stunned Oblenis.

Moments later, Garcia kept on the attack and landing several more body shots as well as some shots to the head of Oblenis, who looked like he was gassed. The ringside official saw enough and waved off the fight. Official time was 2:13 of the second round.




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  1. This kid is very sound, I have seen him fight a ton of times, quick, has speed and hand speed, and finishes off his punches. I am not sure how they do the seeding in the NJ GG but this was a bad match up for his opponent the kid was outclassed and really never stood a chance to be Garcia.

  2. Joe, I hear what you are saying buy you have to realize that seedings are just that, they mean nothing. Some of these kids drop out a week or so before the fights, so the NJ GG has to make quick adjustments. This is nothing new in ammy boxing, where kids are overmatched. Garcia is a just a better fighter, this kid could win at 123lb going forward.

  3. I think the kid Garcia is good, not great. I know Rivas was working his corner and Chino is a good training but I see some holes in this kid’s game. He gets cocky during the fight and you can see he likes to play to the crowd, if he focuses more and blocks that out he could go far, but if he gets to involved in showing off and getting sloppy then he will be in trouble. I still see him as a favorite going forward though.

  4. Garcia is a very humble fighter . I know him personally and i have been to most of his fights . People have their opinions based off of one match. He trains very hard and he will definitely be seen in the future

    1. I have spoken to him many times, and think if he stays focused and humble and trains hard he will be able to turn pro and have a long career. thanks for supporting the website and please keep checking back for more content.

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