Garcia gets past Greene; faces Stevenson in highly anticipated NJ Golden Gloves finals

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Angel Garcia might not have been as sharped as he would have liked to been, but the young boxer still looked very impressive as he defeated Kenyone Greene to advance into the 123lb open finals of the New Jersey Golden Gloves tournament.

Garcia (Victory Boxing) will meet highly decorated amateur Shakor Stevenson (Elite Heat) Saturday night in Paramus in what is one of the most anticipated bouts of the finals and of the last several years.

Against Greene (Face Off Boxing), Garcia danced around for the most of round one, but still was able to show off his quick hands and power, landing a couple of right hooks to the body. Greene, though was up to the task, as he no only absorbed the blows but countered nicely during the round with some solid rights of his own. Late in the round, Garcia got a little sloppy as he started to lunge in with his punches, but it did not hurt him as Greene was unable to land any shots.

In between rounds, Garcia’s corner instructed him to keep moving his head, and try to get the jab going off move. Garcia listened as he threw five straight left jabs to start off the stanza. They did not really land, but they did just enough to prevent Greene from getting inside, where he can really bang and score with body shots.

“I knew if I doubled up my jab, things would open up and I knew I had to change my game plan a little and start moving my head,” Garcia said.

Midway through the round, Garcia landed a nice left hook followed up with a body shot that scored. He was also able to cut off the ring, where he caught Greene sneaking in with a gorgeous left check hook to the head. Greene started to go head hunting and moved away from his strengths, which is establishing his left jab and then following up with an over hand right which scored early on the fight.

However, late in the second, Greene caught Garcia peeking in with a left hook to the head. JMB scored the round in favor of Garcia because he was flat out more active, moved around well and controlled the ring.

Greene came off swinging in the third round, throwing several combinations in a row and fighting as if he was behind on the scorecard.

Shadasia Green, who is currently on the US Women’s Olympic Boxing team was working Greene’s corner and told him to be more active, which he was.

A straight right set up a gorgeous left hook to the body almost had the slick Garcia up against the ropes.

However, seconds later, Garcia would deliver a straight right hand to the head of Greene, who started to back pedal into the ropes. Greene, was able to get off the ropes without further damage, but seemed tired as he started to lunge in with shots, making it easy for Garcia to defend.

The glancing blows had nothing on them.

In one last gasp, Greene scored with his best punch of the night as Garcia walked right into a wide right hook, but it was not enough.

“He was a tough opponent,” Garcia added.

JMB scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Garcia, who will now turn his sights on Stevenson.

Stevenson won an ugly affair against Global Boxing’s Kevin Asmat.

That bout saw both boxers get points deducted and it was more of grabbing and clinching then boxing.



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