Ferrante still steaming from controversial loss to Smith; wants rematch

Anthony Ferrante made his feelings known several days after his split-decision loss to Anthony Caputo-Smith Friday night at Harrah’s for the U.S.A Pennsylvania State Cruiserweight Title.

Ferrante scored a gorgeous knockdown in the sixth round and it looked like the bout would be over, but Caputo-Smith beat the count and was saved by the bell.

However, Ferrante and his camp saw it another way. “We watched the fight several times on GFL.tv and he was given a very long count by Steve Smoger. We clocked it at almost 15 seconds, are you kidding me, how can that happen,” an angry Ferrante (12-5) said over the phone Wednesday with On “Q” Sports.

“You saw the fight you called it at ringside, and I know you even said you disagreed with the scoring and you scored the fight in favor of me. This is how bad it got. Smith came up to me after the fight and told me that he was sorry, because he knew I won.”

The judges’ scorecards read 95-94 Ferrante, 95-94 Smith and 95-94 for Smith.

After getting caught with a vicious right, a wobbling Smith was able to get back up.

“He was done. He was a shot guy, no question about it,” Ferrante said. “I am just in shock, I am in complete shock. One of the alternate judges showed me their scoring and they had it 97-92 for me.”

Ferrante seemed frustrated that he was unable to really get going against Smith. It was clear if the fight was fought at a distance, Ferrante would have gotten the better of Smith.

“When he was on the outside, I was killing him from a distance, he was trying to jump in with punches, and I hit him flushed with everything. I was holding my hands down to myself, to show I was not holding him, I knew he would come in and that is how I knocked him down. I tried to spin out and he kept holding me, and I could not fire from the inside. I could not hit him in back of him.”

To Smith’s (15-2) credit he made it an ugly fight and never let Ferrante get inside and deliver body shots, something that has hurt Smith in the past.

“I was trying to get to the body and it was impossible and he was going so low and it was impossible to get low and I got a couple of gut shots in there,” Ferrante added.

Early in the bout, Ferrante seemed like his head was not in it, but he squashed that notion and blamed his body language on his aggravation towards an inactive Smith, who was more inclined to hold then box.

“I was rolling my eyes, why is he is not fighting. I am a fighter, I don’t want to do that bull shit, to me that is not fighting, that is not fighting, that is being a pussy, if you get ko’d take it like a man. Take it like a man.”

There was talk after the bout that Ferrante and his camp were going to appeal the decision, but that was quickly squashed from outside observers close his camp.

“We want to appeal the fight to make a point, but at this time, I am trying to put my pride aside and I am in shock and I just beat him, I out boxed him. There will be a rematch, and he said “you won that fight” his trainers walked up to my trainers and said they thought the fight was over in the 6th.”

According to Ferrante, Smith needs to have a longer camp so a date in March is out for the rematch, but Ferrante will have a tune-up bout then.

“March 21st, was a rematch date, but I found out after the fight that Smith was really hurt, which I already knew. But he told some people he was hurt and needed time to recover. The March bout will be a nice tune up for me, so I will take care of business again in the rematch.”

As of now, an early May bout looks like it will be confirmed soon. The venue would most likely be Harrah’s PA once again.

Rich Quinones is the lead blow-by-blow Boxing voice for GFL.tv and Go Fight Live’s Boxing on Comcast. He has sat ringside calling the action with Monte Barrett, Brian Adams, Amir Mansour, Danny Garcia, James Kirkland, Mark Breland and Ronnie Shields, while broadcasting over 70 bouts for GFL in 2013.

You can follow Rich on twitter @ https://twitter.com/RichQonQ and Tumblr.com @ http://onqsports.tumblr.com as well as LinkedIn.

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