Ferrante looking to jump start career after year-long suspension; tangles with Caputo-Smith Friday night

Anthony “Boom Boom” Ferrante gets a chance to jump start his career after a year-long suspension which he believes has been unfair and unjust.

On “Q” Sports caught up with Ferrante to talk about his year-long suspension, his upcoming slated 10-round Friday night fight against Anthony Caputo-Smith for the USA Pennsylvania Cruiserweight Title, and his quest to clear his name inside the ring.

Rich: How is training coming along?

Anthony: “Everything is going really well, I feel great. I was scheduled to fight Steve Cunningham in December, but it did not pan out, so I had to pull out, but I have been training for the last two months or so because of that. I feel very prepared. I am in the best shape of my life and I have a strong belief in myself. I worked on some things and I am a better boxer then I was a year or so ago.”

Rich: What has the last year been like for you?

Anthony: “Well long story short, as you know I took the Isa Akberbayev fight on 21 days’ notice. I was given no shot in hell to beat this guy. I am at Madison Square Garden, against this guy that was undefeated and had over 300 amateur fights and I went in there and beat the shit out of the guy. I out boxed him, I broke the guy down, and after the fight I get a call a full month later that I failed my drug test for two injectable steroids.”

Rich: What did the test say they were? What kind of steroids?

Anthony: “They were weight gaining ones.”

Rich: Correct me if I am wrong, but you had to cut weight for this fight, right?

Anthony: “Yes, that is when the bull shit started, serious, I was walking around at 225 and had to get down to 196 and dropped 16 or so pounds, so that was all fucking bull shit.”

Rich: Did you get a lawyer?

Anthony: “I got a lawyer with my own money, I got tested for 50 different steroids to prove a point, when I got retested there was nothing in my system, so these two alleged steroids would stay in my system for up to two years. Why the hell would I take weight gaining steroids, when I needed to cut weight, it was a joke, and it made no sense at all.”

Rich: Why do you think the NY State Boxing Commission had a grudge against you? Do you think it was personal?

Anthony: “When all the big wigs and boxing big wigs where in the lobby the day of the fight, they were screaming and yelling at my trainer, and questioning him. They were telling him, I had no business being in the ring, and what type of trainer would stick his fighter in the ring with Akberbayev and all this other shit. They thought I was some type of crap club fighter, they have no idea what I did to cut weight for that fight. I went through hell. I knew at 200 I would be ok, I hit like a tank and I am strong as a bull and I just completely embarrassed this guy, I earned the win and belt. I don’t need steroids for anything, and would never take anything like that.”

Rich: I went back and saw the entire fight several times, you seemed to have rattled him and you did get to him late. Walk me through the fight?

Anthony: “You are right, I got to him, I rattled him, go back and watch it again, he was clueless in the fight at times, he had no idea how to counter me, how to throw me off, I wore him down and broke him. Again, I worked hard to make weight, I started my career 9-0 at 175lbs. but you know this, as you get older it is harder to drop weight. Everyone in my family is big, I have that big Italian family, I am a big guy, and so to get down in weight, the shit I had to do, was just nuts. It was insane. There were times when I fought at 175lbs. and I had nurses in my room helping me with IV’s.”

Rich: What do you know about Anthony Caputo-Smith?

Anthony: “I sparred him a couple of years ago, he has not changed once. He comes in and puts his head down and that is what hurts him. Sometimes, he will smother himself and his opponent, but he is a real tough guy, good record, tough boxer. I will not nor would I ever overlook any man that steps into the ring and he is no different. Only difference is that he has not faced anyone like me, I am faster at 200 then 175, and he will not expect that.”

Rich: You are faster at 200lbs?

Anthony: “Yeah, bro, I am faster at 200, sounds crazy but I am. Like I said, he comes straight forward like a bull, but I hit like a bull and I am as strong as an ox.”

Rich: Are you saying that would be the wrong strategy against you?

Anthony: “He is either going to come right out and bull rush me or he is going to feel me out in the first round. If he puts his head down, then he will walk into my power, my speed is there and I do not think he will be able to handle anything I have. I just saw it in his eyes. You know you can always figure out a guy’s tell at a press conference.”

Rich: What did you see?

Anthony: “It is not what I saw it is what I heard, he had no confidence in his voice at all, and he spoke with no confidence. He is just taking this as another fight, I am not. I have so much to prove Friday night. He has a good record, but he is not a better boxer then me, he does not hit as hard as me. I am going be smart and not overlook the guy.”

Rich: You lost a year of your career, with that being said, how active would you like to be in 2014?

Anthony: “I am not going to stop. I plan to stay busy, I was training my ass off, I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason, and this is my time to get my shit together. I have been training my ass off more than anyone knows or understands. I want to get a title, I have that belief.  I want this title Friday night.”

Rich Quinones is the lead blow-by-blow Boxing voice for GFL.tv and Go Fight Live’s Boxing on Comcast. He has sat ringside calling the action with Monte Barrett, Brian Adams, Amir Mansour, Danny Garcia, James Kirkland, Mark Breland and Ronnie Shields, while broadcasting over 70 bouts for GFL in 2013.

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