Dugan moves on to NJ Golden Gloves final with sensational KO over Marvo

Garrett Dugan (Middletown PAL, R) lands a sharp left hand against Ronal Marvo (Nobull BB, L), Photos by Matthew Heasley, NJ Golden Gloves
Garrett Dugan (Middletown PAL, R) lands a sharp left hand against Ronal Marvo (Nobull BB, L), Photos by Matthew Heasley, NJ Golden Gloves

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Garrett Dugan scored a sensational second-round one punch knockout over Ronal Marvo at the Ike Williams Boxing Academy in Trenton, New Jersey to advance into the 141lb novice finals of the New Jersey Golden Gloves in Jersey City on April 25th.

Dugan (Middletown PAL) will meet Goss & Goss product Kyle Collins, who was impressive in his triumph of a very tough and hard-nosed Juan Zarate (Elizabeth Rec) in the finals.

Dugan, who had thoughts of going down in weight prior to the tournament, went to work early on in round one. he quickly was able to dictate the pass thanks to some quick jabs, pushing Marvo into the middle of the ropes. Less than 30 seconds into the bout, Marvo’s mouth guard popped out, giving him a much needed break to regroup.

Late in the round, Marvo landed a nice straight left hand that scored, but Dugan’s strength is his counter-punching ability. He quickly connected with several straight rights of his own and then mix in some body work. Marvo landed four straight left jabs to close out the round, but it still belonged to Dugan, who landed cleaner blows.

In between rounds, Marvo’s corner instructed him to take his time and pick and choose his spots and most importantly to box smart.

He listened as he landed a gorgeous straight right that caused Dugan’s head to snap back, which could have been called a standing-eight but it wasn’t. Both boxers really let their hands go, while they both connected.

In round two, both boxers let their hands go and both seemed to score at different stages of the round.

But, it was clear that the body shots that Dugan was delivering were adding up against a tough Marvo, who fought with a ton of heart throughout.

As the back and forth action heated up in the third round, Marvo started to let his guard down and seemed to throw some wild punches, it proved to be very costly.

Dugan was able to bait Marvo in a bit, and he started to open up on his punches, mixing in some body shots with left hooks up top. After just missing with a right uppercut against the ropes, Marvo attempted to push the pace and threw a very lazy left jab that had nothing on it, leaving his right guard up and side exposed.

Dugan saw the slight opening and unleased a gorgeous left hook to the liver that dropped Marvo to both knees. He was hurt and despite just beating the count, was able to get to both feet.

“He was very tough, but I threw a left hook to the body in the first round and knew I could connect with one later in the fight,” said Dugan, who marches into the final April 25th.

However, he was clearly in pain and dazed, which caused the referee to wisely halt the action at 1:19 of the third round.

“I pumped him up a bit, I saw he was gassed in the second and third round, and I wanted to keep going to the body and saw and opening and that was all she wrote,” added Dugan. “It was something we worked on in the jab, just keep working the body, just keep working it over and over and he was tough, but I was able to land that left hook to the body,” he concluded.





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