Denver Golden Gloves results; Lopez steals the show

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) The Denver Golden Gloves had a great turn out this past week, and Wednesday was no different, as tons of talent was on display. Aaron Lopez won a tough and hard fought over Sergio Lujan in a 141-pound open affair. Here are the rest of the results from a stacked card and entertaining night.

101 lbs. (Intermediate) Humberto Guerrero (UNA) over Romelio Orozco (LaFamilia)

165 lbs. (Novice) Josmar Salgado (UNA) over Miguel Murillo-Roldan (TygerKat)

165 lbs. (Novice) Michael Mayfield (UNA) DQ Jose Andrade (UNA)

123 lbs. (Open) Jacob Perez (UNA) over Roland Zaragosa (Champion)

123 lbs. (Open) Charles Williams (UNA) TKO1 Noah Ibarra (Hard Hustle)

141 lbs. (Open) Jonathan Jarabek (UNA) over Jose Gonzalez (Champion)

141 lbs. (Open) Aaron Lopez (Champion) over Sergio Lujan (Denver Boxing Academy)

Wednesday Championship Bouts

75 lbs. (PeeWee) Troy Nash (Cobra’s) over Marshall Schreiber (Ybarra’s)

85 lbs. (Bantam) Isaac Alvarez (UNA) over Hugo Pinedo-Ibarra (A1)

114 lbs. (Bantam) Jude Aragon (UNA) walkover Christian Cabrera (Team Archuleta)

75 lbs. (Inter) Sahel Martinez (Champion) over Xavier Montoya (Ybarra’s)

90 lbs. (Inter) Brandon Starns (Cobra’s) over Samuel Leal (UNA)

95 lbs. (Inter) Anthony Brown (A1) over Lakota Bentz, Jr. (UNA)

106 lbs. (Inter) Brahayan Meza-Ibarra (UNA) over Brendon Torres (T’s)

145 lbs. (Inter) Leroy Baca (UNA) over Mateo Chicado-Baca (House of Pain)

101 lbs. (Junior) Salaam Gonzales (20th St) over Sebastian Gonzalez (DPB Youth)

125 lbs. (Junior) Anthony Soto (UNA) over Lucio Zuniga (A1)

132 lbs. (Novice) Mario Sierra (UNA) over Ruben Hernandez III (UNA)

152 lbs. (Novice Female) Jemma Breslin (UNA) over Alea Hill (20th St)

201+ lbs. (Novice) Nermin Kozic (UNA) over Ja’Wann Jackson (UNA)

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