DeJesus, Garcia and Stevenson advance to NJ Golden Gloves Finals; Bauza vs Brito earns fight of the night

Jaime Dejesus (L)getting ready to unload against Dayton Harris (R). DeJesus would score his second straight win in dominating fashion.  (Photos by Matthew Heasley, NJ Golden Gloves)
Jaime Dejesus (L) getting ready to unload against Dayton Harris (R). DeJesus would score his second straight win in dominating fashion. (Photos by Matthew Heasley, NJ Golden Gloves)

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) The semifinals of the 2015 New Jersey Golden Gloves Saturday at Global Boxing Gym in North Bergen, New Jersey did not disappoint. Once again, the gym was packed with fans, who came out to see some of the best amateur action that the Garden State provides. And once again, we saw some of the usual suspects go about their business and advance into the final.

For the second week in a row, Jaime DeJesus (Ike & Randy) brought the house down with a gorgeous TKO stoppage over a very talented Dayton Harris (Ike Williams) in the second-round of their 152lb. novice affair, which earned him the Casanova Gloves “Punch of the Night” award.

Angel Garcia (Victory Boxing) did not look his best but was able to move past a very game Kenyone Greene (Face Off Boxing) in their 123lb open contest.

The highly decorated Shakor Stevenson (Elite Heat) was in an ugly contest against Kevin Asmat (Global Boxing), who wanted to make their 123lb open fight, a brawl. Asmat got under the skin of Stevenson with some questionable tactics, as both boxers got chippy, but Stevenson got the win.

In an upset to some, Juanito Joseph (Loyalty Boxing), who was out six months with a torn right biceps, outworked favorite Erikas Jankauskas (Howell PAL) to earn a much-deserved split-decision win.

In a very exciting and spiried bout between John Bauza (Ringside) and Angel Brito (D.M.G), Bauza would get the better of Brito in what turned out to be the Journeymen Boxing “Fight of the Night” during their 141lb open contest.

Aadam Ali (Bergen PAL) looked sharped and continued to impress, as he sounded defeated Daniel Murray (Middletown PAL) en route to earning the Journymen Boxing’s “Fighter of the Night” award after his convincing 141lb open win.

Full recap of fights on Monday’s edition of Double Jab Radio.

Rest of the results are as followed.

Abel Lopez (L.B. Gleasons) def. Pedro Ramos (Jersey City Rec), 123lbs. Novice semi

Kendy Saint Juste (Adam & Eve) def. Brandon Silvestre (New Bruns Boxing), 165lbs. Sub-novice semi

Antaoliy Alkhazov (Bergen PAL) def. Dennis McGill (Chris Gattling), 152lbs. Novice-semi

Francisco Sastre (Brick PAL) def. Luis Lopez (Gino’s Gym), 123lbs. Sub-novice semi

Victor Patilla (Victory Boxing) def. Denzel Steven (Jersey City HH), 132lbs. open-semi

Angelo Troncoso (Freehold Boxing) def. Russell Guarcello (Checkmate), 165lbs. Novice-semi

Mario Montilla (Bayonne PAL) def. Matt Angstadt (Nobull Boxing), 141lbs. Sub-novice semi

Akheim Nurse (Gladiator) def. Lisandro Tupete (Gladiator), 178lbs. Open semi

Rob Walder (Team Gladiator) def. Jaleel Johnson (Unattached), 201+lbs Novice-semi

Ignacio Camacho (Face off Boxing) def. Daniel Mansfield (Dover Boxing), 201+lbs. Open semi

Vladimir Dalton (Elizabeth Rec) def. Shavere Staton (Face off Boxing), 178lbs. Open semi


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  1. I am getting so tried of some of the scoring in these fights, two fights were garbage, you going tell me that a kid who throws and lands more shots loses against a kid that grabs and hold. shame man!

  2. Billy T. what fight are you talking about, I have no issues with the scoring the other night. I know people thought that Stevenson lost bc it was an ugly fight, but come on, the kid is a national level us boxer and Olympic hopeful, that fight was ugly, so we did not get to see the real boxer. what fight are you talking about?

  3. The fight he means is probably the Eriskas fight against that big kid and the Camcho fight, both were ugly and the seemed to score it on grabbing, holding and clinching, I hope USA Boxing cleans this up.

  4. While boxing scoring can be questionable on all levels sometimes, Saturday wasn’t one of those times. Those three fights mentioned here were easily scored correctly for the winners.

  5. Paul, I have to disagree a little, those last two fights were a joke. The one kid held, grabbed and never landed a clean shot, but he won. And the Asmat fight against Stevenson was a joke, could argue splitdecision win for Asmat

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