Dallas Jr. gets robbed in DC; fights to split draw against Hernandez-Harrison

Mike Dallas Jr. floors Dusty Hernandez-Harrison in the fifth round Friday night in DC. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Breeze Photography)
Mike Dallas Jr. floors Dusty Hernandez-Harrison in the fifth round Friday night in DC. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Breeze Photography)

Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) – Mike Dallas Jr. knew he did not want to leave it into the judge’s scorecards, especially against the hometown hero in Dusty Hernandez-Harrison as the two fought in an entertaining 10-round main event Friday night as part of Roc Nation’s “Throne Boxing” card at the DC Armory in Washington, DC.

However, despite clearly outworking and at times dominating Hernandez-Harrison, especially early on in the fight, Dallas Jr. earned a split-decision draw in a very disturbing decision that robbed him of a win.

Both fighters exchanged knockdowns during the bout, as Dallas Jr., dropped Hernandez-Harrison in the fifth round, but Hernandez-Harrison turn the tables on Dallas Jr. as he dropped him in the eighth — albeit in controversial fashion.

In the end the judges saw it as a split draw, with one judge even scoring the fight 95-94 in favor of Hernandez-Harrison (29-0-1, 16ko’s), who was fighting in his hometown for the first time since 2014.

Another judge had it 96-92 for Dallas and the third had it 94-94.

JMB scored the fight 96-92 in favor of Dallas Jr.

Dallas Jr. was the aggressor throughout the contest as he continuously landed crisp combinations to the body against the hometown favorite.

For the first two rounds, Hernandez-Harrison was very reluctant to throw punches, falling behind on the scorecards.

He never really established his jab throughout the course of the evening, something his trainer wanted and needed him to do.

“We didn’t capitalize on the right moments,” trainer Barry Hunter would say afterwards. Hunter, who is one of the sports best trainers, was frustrated that his fighter did not get the jab going early.

“Dusty needed to jab more, that would have taken the fight,” he added.

With Dallas Jr. still landing shots in the second round, it was clear that he came to win and silence his critics and wipe away the notion that he was just a “test” for the upstart Hernandez-Harrison

In the third round, Dallas Jr. was beating Hernandez-Harrison to the punch, using his speed and athleticism, mixing in his jab brilliantly or going quickly to the body.

Whatever it was, it worked and for every two or three combinations Dallas Jr. threw and landed, he grew more confident, confusing his younger opponent.

He was brought in this fight according to many as the “safe hand-picked” opponent against the highly-touted Hernandez-Harrison, who is handled by Roc Nation

Dallas Jr,, who has stepped into the ring against Mauricio Herrera, Josesito Lopez, and who even floored Lucas Matthysse — only to lose to all three — showed tremendous poise even in the fourth round when Hernandez-Harrison woke up.

In that stanza, Hernandez-Harrison, who trained as middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez’ main sparring partner, started to rally in the fourth round, as he was able to close the distance.

To his credit, he stayed patient and was able to find a home and score more with his signature right hand, landing several blows to the head of Dallas Jr.

The 21-year-old spent five weeks at Alvarez’ camp and got in about 50 rounds of sparring as Alvarez prepared for his title fight against Amir Khan last weekend.

However, the rally was short-lived, as the native of Bakersfield, California, caught Hernandez-Harrison with a gorgeous right-hand followed by a short left hook that was a clean knockdown with about 30 seconds to go in the round, stunning the DC crowd.

Hernandez-Harrison sensing he was behind on the scorecards picked up the pace in the second half of the fight, but at times was clearly frustrated as he could not muster up any sound offense.

Several times he hit Dallas Jr. behind the head and was not deducted a point, but in the eighth round he made things interesting.

He dropped Dallas. Jr. with a left hand that appeared to be a low blow. Visibly angered, the 29-year-old Dallas Jr, complained to referee Malik Waleed, but it was all for not, as Waleed began counting.

Dallas Jr. was able to get to his feet but not before he had a couple more choice words for Waleed.

“The ref didn’t get the call,” Dallas Jr. said. “I guess it was a hometown thing. I thought I won the fight.”

Round 10 was perhaps the most entertaining round of the night, as both men fought in the pocket, trading and landing solid combinations until the final bell.

“I thought I finished it great,” Hernandez-Harrison said afterward. “I feel I pulled it out with the late knockdown. I will fight him in Bakersfield. I will fight him again,” he added as tensions and emotions flared up in the middle of the round moments after the decision was read out loud much to the dismay of Dallas Jr.’s corner.





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  1. Thank you Q, for clearly stating the obvious. Dusty lost and it pissed me off how people thought he won, the kid bgot the hometown call. And disgrace that Mike got robbed. Dusty is all hype, and no heart or guts. From what I hear, kid is trying to act like the “thug life” that is why his old man stopped training him. I would not want to deal with that shit either. Dallas Jr. won the fight!!!

  2. Come on Dusty won the fight, I can live with a draw, but he did not lose the fight. He did not hit him with a low blow, why are ppl saying or writing that. The kid stepped up, did well and I think give him a couple of more fights under Hunter. He has to use the jab more, but I do not think he lost.

    1. Of course you don’t think he lose the fight, because you are from DC, you clown. Did you watch the fight, Dusty gave up the first 4 rounds, and was clearly outworked and outboxed by a guy that Roc Nation thought would roll over. This shit makes me hate boxing. Dallas got robbed and respect for having the balls to report that here.

  3. I scored it 96-92 for Dallas. I went back and watched the fight several times and to be honest this Harrison kid looks like an average club fighter. He also got dropped by Mike Balasis as well on the ESPN card. I can see this kid things his stuff doesn’t stink. I grew up in Camden, NJ, boxed and trained kids there. Every day we were afraid we get shot or something so I get the whole street thing. But he comes off like he is a kid who grew up on the streets he didn’t. It’s clear his father protected him and so does his team. They need to pull him to the side and tell him stop reading your press clippings boy!

  4. Yall hater on my man Dusty, who whopped Dallas azzzz. You all recognize this kid is special, yeah you do not know how we do down here. Kid is the truth, Dallas is a bum. Yall keep hating, we getting paid down in the DC! #TEAMDUSTY

  5. Dusty is garbage, he wont take his ass down to Cali, and if he does it will get handed to him. Dude is a punk and I see how he gets all hard on twitter. Isn’t he the same cat that basically threatened a boxing writer for USA today. Serious, how do you root for a kid who does that. Get over it man. These guys that cover the sport need to be fair and objective. They say someone loses and all of a sudden they hating on the guy. I have been in fight game for 25 years and even I get sick and tired of these sensitive boxers, take the L like a man, move on and live to fight another day. But to come off as a punk, dude got his tail whipped against Dallas.

  6. I don’t see how a 21-year-old with 29 wins already in his career is garbage. Kid is talented and so what if Roc Nation is protecting him. They do not have to explain themselves to anyone. Their job is to get Dusty fights period. The kid is active, from what I hear, does a ton in the community and is a nice kid, so I think the hating is a little to much to be honest. IMO I think not having his dad in his corner hurt him, and remember they do things different in DC and at Headbangers, its a different animal. I bet he improves and looks much sharper in his next fight.

  7. Please do not tell me that LaManna wants to fight Dusty, I would rather watch paint dry. How about Ray Robinson against Dusty or Dallas Jr. Ray is a tall slick southpaw, love watching that kid fight.

  8. His father is Bud Harrison. His mother Linda divorced his dad recently and did not want Dusty with him. Huge mistake that turned out to be.

    1. Kid needs his father, it is clear that they are setting him up to fail. I heard he really did not want to put in the work necessary to be a champ, which kind of goes along with his punkish attitude. They need to tell that side kick of his Mike to get another job, instead of telling the kid how great he is. Those guys in clicks like that are bad for a young boxer, dude is just trying to get paid, pretty weak if you ask me. I see these guys roll along in the DC area, all bark no bite.

  9. If you watched the fight with a neutral-mindset, like I did, it was to see that Dallas won the
    fight clearly. In fact, I told my wife in the 6th round they Dusty’s corner should stop the
    fight before Dusty sustained some serious brain damage.
    The fight wasn’t even close, I had it 97-91 for Dallas. Dusty failed to use his jab and
    simply walked into Dallas’ range and took a clean shot nearly every time.
    Boxing should hire professional judges, not just some guy who lives two blocks over.

    1. Darcy, agree with everything u said. My only point was at least the author had the balls to state the obvious, and I am so tired of hearing ppl back this kid Dusty, who looked like a sparring partner. He never threw and never let his hands go and he never got off his jab like you pointed out. I feel for Mike on this one.

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