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  1. Hi Rich , Hope when you get this message all is well.Thanks for doing such a great job with these youngsters its great appreciated. My request is is it possibly that you could post or send me the third round of the Saleem Kelly vs Isaiah Costanon in Trenton at the WBA on April 15,2015 great fight but we dont have round three again great job and thank you.

  2. Great site, looks like you have some great fighters coming through…I really liked the look of the that young Duggan kid from 2015 (we share the same Irish name) he looks a really good prospect looking forward to seeing what else you have to …God Luck from over the pond in Sunderland Northeat England UK

  3. Mr Richards,

    Hope all is well with you. Was looking to see if you’re interested in doing another interview. Got a few more wins, a long deployment and some surprising family information I was just notified of this past year. Looking to see how I could get my story out about still being active duty Navy and pursuing my dreams in professional boxing . Thanks in advance!


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