Bryant outworks Chambers; claims sub-novice New Jersey Golden Gloves title in close affair

Anthony Bryant (Elizabeth Rec, L) avoids a punch thrown by Justice Chambers (Goss & Goss, L) Photos by Matthew Heasly, NJ Golden Gloves
Anthony Bryant (Elizabeth Rec, L) avoids a punch thrown by Justice Chambers (Goss & Goss, L) Photos by Matthew Heasly, NJ Golden Gloves

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Anthony Bryant looked very sharp during his 123lb. sub-novice final against Justice Chambers to claim the first title of the night during week seven of the New Jersey Golden Gloves tournament in at Ike Williams Boxing Academy in Trenton, New Jersey on Saturday.

In a very close fight, it was Bryant’s late activity that earned the close triumph.

Bryant (Elizabeth Rec) used the first round to set the tone, as he stalked Chambers around the ring during the first minute of the stanza. Late in the first round, Bryant landed some solid and crisp right hands and was poised enough to go back to his jab after throwing combinations against the Goss & Goss product.

“I tried to hit him with some over hand rights, but barley caught him, but I feel great about my performance,” said Bryant.

A left hook up top pushed back Chambers up against the corner ropes, where Bryant finished the round with a sound flurry.

In round two, Chambers caught Bryant walking in and connected with an nice right hand that seemed to stun his opponent. However, Bryant showed a tough chin, but did get caught with some body shots. It was a close round to score, and JMB scored it in favor of Chambers.

In the third and final round, Bryant fought as if he was losing the bout. He came out swinging and was able to bully Chambers and get him up against the ropes. The first 45 seconds of the third round gave Bryant a slight edge.

He put together a nice left-right combination down stairs and followed it up with an upper cut that scored. That flurry alone gave him the edge on JMB’s scorecards as the judges saw it the same way. Some fans did not agree with the decision, but Bryant’s activity late earned him the 123lb. junior 15-year-old sub-novice title to kick off the night.

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  1. Are you kidding me? No way that Bryant won that fight, this is what is wrong with some ammy fights and tournaments, Justice was more active and threw more punches and landed more. I think this kid got robbed and you can tell we were all mad afterwards and some of us want to talk to whoever heads this up, because these kids get screwed all the time.

  2. Jeff, were you even there? Serious?? The kid got beat he did not throw or land and he was more busy dancing around. Don’t be bitter because your kid lost, you sound like one of those parents who live through the kid. let it go brother!

  3. Jeff, the officials do the best job they can. I am actually the President of the New Jersey Association of USA Boxing and where always looking for some more good officials. So PLEASE if your interested contact me any time and we will begin your training.

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