Almenares scores questionable standing-eight; earns tough win against Henry in NJ Golden Gloves tourney

BY: Richard Quiñones (Journeymen Boxing) Daruma Almenares scored questionable first-round standing-eight en route to a tough win over Justin Henry in a battle of 165lb. novices during week seven of the New Jersey Golden Gloves tournament at Ike Williams Boxing Academy Saturday afternoon in Trenton, New Jersey.

Almenares (Gladiator) scored the standing-eight in question less than ten seconds remaining in the opening round.

Most of the opening stanza saw both boxers grab and clinch and really not land any punches. Late in the round, Almenares was able to back Henry into his own corner.

It appeared that the canvas was wet causing the D.M.G Boxing product to sleep as he backpedaled avoiding a wild punch by Almernares.

The referee saw otherwise and as soon as Henry stood up, he gave him a standing-eight. Henry did not really argue the decision, but did try to dry off his right shoe which appeared to skidded on a damp canvas.

In round two, Almenares scored with a clean left-right combination up top that pushed back Henry against the middle of the ropes. It was his best blow of the bout and it showed some of his power, forcing Henry to respect it going forward.

To make matters worse for Henry as the round came to a close he lost his head gear after Almenares landed a soft punch after the bell.

He was warned for the late blow and in the third round, the referee saw enough, deducting a point away from Almenares for a low blow that seemed accidental.

The rest of the fight saw more clinching and grabbing with Henry clearly frustrated and annoyed that he was not able to get his distance let alone naturally box.

“It was a tough fight, you know I trained very hard for this tournament and he was tough opponent,” the 22-year-old Almenares said afterwards.

JMB scored it 29-27 in favor of Almenares despite the point deduction in the final round.

“My corner kept telling me rapido, rapido (let’s go) and I do not know what happened, I trained very hard and I was tired, but I am happy to win.”

It was just the seventh amateur fight of Almenares’ career.




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