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The Faces of Journeymen Boxing
The Faces of Journeymen Boxing

Journeymen Boxing is proud to be the very first boxing website ever created to give exposure to young amateur boxers, while still covering the pro circuit. JMB was also developed to give the boxing fan a different look inside the life of a fighter and the sport of boxing.

The content is always fresh and creative and unique. More importantly, we go out and try to bring the boxing fan a different perspective and look into the sport through our multi-media platform.

We want to give you a ringside view from how some boxers train and fight to the way some of them live as they pursue their dreams of fighting. Some features might be of well established pro’s, young hot prospects and local club fighters, who are looking to take the next step.

We will try our best to provide in-depth articles as well as raw exclusive footage and personal one-on-one interviews.

We will also focus on female boxing and give you a first look at up-and-coming boxers. You might not have heard of them yet, but you will.

Enjoy the journey with us!

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  1. Rich, love this site and thank for being different and not like mainstream boxing sites, nice to see a person caring enough about these young boxers to help them and make a difference.

  2. Some are born journeymen, others have it thrust upon them following a fleeting, ill-fated period as a novice. Such is the stigma attached, few could be said to achieve the status. Cinderella Man fairytales aside , it tends to be a job for the duration of a boxing life.

  3. Love the site and caught you on the with CBS while back, keep it up, you are a natural behind the mic and on tv!

  4. Rich finally heard you on the air in SJ, nice style on air and appreciate you throwing in the boxing talk on an all-sports station, we were passing through to the AC fights while back. Nice job brother! Site looks awesome!

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