A Boxer who fights for his country and daughter


In my second part of those that not only serve their country proudly, but chase their dreams in the process, we take a closer look at Boxer Carlos Moore.

On “Q” Sports caught up with the quiet, humble and proud 27-year-old father, as he gets sets for the second pro bout of his career in November.

We discussed his service to the country, his passion for boxing and what really drives him in life.

Rich: As always, thank you so much for the time and your service to our country. Where were you born and where do you reside now?

Carlos: “I was born in Brooklyn, New York and live in Norfolk VA.”

Rich: What made you want to go into the Navy?

Carlos: “I wanted to do something positive with my life. I was into all the wrongs things and hanging around the wrong people and didn’t want to end my life like that so I figured the military would’ve given me some type of structure after juvenile.”

Rich: What is your job in the Navy and are you still active. If so, when is your tour over?

Carlos: “My job in the Navy is an Aviation Machinist Mate; I currently work on helicopter engines and rotor systems pertaining to H60s. My tour is over in 2016.”

Rich: Where you stationed in Afghanistan?

Carlos: “Yes and No. I personally never set foot in Afghanistan, but I’ve been on the carrier in the middle of the Persian Gulf that supported troops on the ground.”

Rich: Was there any defining moment being in the Navy that tested your character or faith?

Carlos: “My deployment in 2008 tested my strength in a lot of ways. My character never changed but my faith definitely grew stronger. I had to learn how to be away from home for such a long period of time and stay strong for not only me but my family back home that what I was sent out there to do was the right thing to do.”

Rich: When did you start boxing?

Carlos: “I started boxing at 17, when I joined the navy at 19 I didn’t know about the Navy boxing team at the time.” 

 Rich: Talk about your experience as a boxer in the Navy and the success you had.

Carlos: “My experience has been price less; I’ve met people I never thought I would meet and been places I’ve never thought I would go. The experience on the amateur level was helpful.”

 Rich: What does being in the Navy and serving your country mean to you?

Carlos: “It means a lot mainly because I want my daughter to look back and say my daddy did this for me. It was selfless of me to go and defend my country for my daughter to be able to give her a better life and I want her to look up to me which she does already.”

Rich: You had your first pro fight several weeks ago. It was not the outcome you wanted. Where you nervous going into that fight?

Carlos: “Yes I was very nervous but, I was a ready. What was new to me was fighting without the head gear and that was different but next time won’t be the same because I learn quickly.”

Rich: I thought you were a better skilled fighter than your opponent, but it seemed you were hesitating to throw punches and be more active? Do you agree with that assessment, was there anything you would have different in that bout?

Carlos: “Yes totally agree. Getting hit without head gear definitely played a role in that fight and what I should’ve done was just boxed. But I am not the type to cry over spilled milk. I like to take the good out of something bad and learn from it and I definitely learned from that fight.”

Rich: What are you doing different to prepare for your next fight?

Carlos: “The big thing I plan on doing different is doing maybe a round or two sparring without the headgear. Other than that I’m always in tip top shape.”

Rich: Is it hard to balance the Navy, life outside the Navy and Boxing?

Carlos: “It is definitely hard, but if you want something in life you go above and beyond to achieve your goals and let the on lookers tell you how hard you are working.”

Rich: You mentioned before you have a daughter, is it hard to be away from her?

Carlos: “I do have a 6 year daughter whom I miss very much while away. She is my rock in this world and the reason why I do everything I do now. It makes it harder but I know the benefits outweigh the hard work. I do have a girlfriend that is very supportive of me in every way possible and who I love very much also.”

Rich: What do you love the most about Boxing?

Carlos: “The discipline of the sport.”

Rich: What do you love the most about this country?

Carlos: “The freedom to be and do whatever your mind wants you to do and I love it because I’m a very ambitious person.” 

Rich: What boxers out there do you admire or respect?

Carlos: “Andre Ward without a doubt. How he carries himself in and out the ring I respect the most.”

 Rich: What is the best thing about being in the Navy?

Carlos: “Honestly the benefits for my daughter and it’s a good feeling to know she will always be taken care of, is something happens to me.”


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