Saunders serve’s her country, while pursing a dream inside the Ring

Nicole “Nicky” Saunders not only serves her country, but she is also pursuing her dream of becoming a professional boxer. On “Q” Sports caught up with the charming and humble, yet confident 29-year-old boxer from New York as she gets set for her pro debut in November. We discussed her service to the country, being a female boxer, and how many times her friends foolishly tried to test her boxing skills….

October 4, 2013

Fox is more than a voice for women’s boxing, she is a pioneer

On “Q” Sports had the pleasure of interviewing Sue “TL” Fox, who is a pioneer when it comes to women’s boxing in the U.S. A retired police officer, detective, and former ranked No.1 World Super Welterweight, Fox is always on the go, helping the sport of women’s boxing grow each and every day. However, she was kind enough to share some free time and talk with On “Q” Sports” about her…

August 29, 2013